The Last Straggler Travels; Corfu



I’ve been blessed to have been to some beautiful places this year in the UK and abroad and Corfu was definitely one of the best I’ve visited so far. The stunning landscape lived up to what I’d heard about the amazing scenery of the Greek Islands. My mum , who is usually busy with her charity work in St Lucia;, and I stayed in a small resort in a part called Kanoni which is in the same area that the Queens hubby, Prince Philip was born (amused by the fact the our Royals are Greek and German). Our hotel, Corfu Holiday Palace, was situated opposite the famous Mouse Island where Austrian Empress Sisi used to sit and chill. I can see why she chose the cute island which is one of the most peaceful places on earth with its monastery and now an additional pet dog and peacock to add a bit of excitement. One of the nicest parts of the trip which unfortunately can not be captured in pictures was the warmth of the lovely native people who made us feel so welcome and sad to leave. Everything else can be seen here;


Monastery adorned with Peacock on Mouse Island



Shuttle boat from hotel to Mouse Island



Hotel beach

IMG_2563IMG_2562 IMG_2561IMG_2541   IMG_2535

A sea front cafe in Kassiopi with views of the Albanian coast

IMG_2529IMG_2532 IMG_2522 IMG_2520 IMG_2505 IMG_2504


Picture perfect landscape and monastery (with peacocks) of Paleokastritsa

IMG_2497 IMG_2490 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2476 IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2472 IMG_2468 IMG_2467IMG_2457


Corfu Town

IMG_2424 IMG_2426 IMG_2419 IMG_2404 IMG_2399 IMG_2388IMG_2383 IMG_2375

Monastery and Mouse Island opposite hotel


That Time Again; LCM SS15


Time flies and it feels like the last London Collections; Men was just yesterday. SS15 kicked off this weekend and ended yesterday. I was in NYC for  the start and had to go back to my day job on return so couldn’t attend as much as I’d like but I eagerly followed reports of show from the likes of Burberry, Alexander  McQueen, E Tautz and A Sauvage. Luckily I was able to attend a couple of shows and a presentation and since I had such a fun holiday (blog coming soon) it was the perfect way to combat the usual holiday blues- which I’ve not yet experienced and that’s a first!

Casely Hayfords second LCM show was very different from its first with darker colours, more muted prints and geometric shapes, but was equally amazing. Once again there was a star studded front row including Florence Welch, Daisy Lowe and cast from Made in Chelsea.


La Corde D’or show included an eclectic mix of quality tailoring with a twist and cool sports chic looks. I’m still lusting after the electric blue raincoat- I have a penchant for stylish  English weather appropriate pieces!

IMG_20140617_185208495_HDRIMG_20140617_185243570_HDR IMG_20140617_185303653_HDR IMG_20140617_185321267_HDR IMG_20140617_185338860_HDR IMG_20140617_185359239_HDR IMG_20140617_185419988_HDR IMG_20140617_185448478_HDRIMG_20140617_185526812_HDRIMG_20140617_185601979_HDR IMG_20140617_185622494_HDRIMG_20140617_185148225_HDR IMG_20140617_185642501_HDR IMG_20140617_185701062_HDR IMG_20140617_185721299_HDR

The Lewis and Leigh presentation showcased designs from Beau Homme, Clara Martin and Chelsea Bravo. I love how the bold pieces stood out against the backdrop of the whitewashed room appropriately named the Icetank in Soho.

IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2651 IMG_2652


Graduate Fashion Week Awards Gala Show


I attended the Graduate Fashion Week Awards Gala before I went on holiday last week and this amazing sartorial experience as well as GFW as a whole made my holiday shopping experience in the US comparatively dull. Innovation was everywhere and I have the utmost respect for all of the students who were able to create such striking and innovative designs. The Awards which were  presented by Hilary Alexander, Philip Treacy, Zoe Hardman and judged by British Fashion Council‘s Sarah Mower; designers Peter Pilotto, Philip Treacy and Louise Gray; Sara Maino of Italian Vogue; and Fiona Lambert, vice-president of George at Asda. I think the students were able to get the right balance between wearable pieces that still wowed on the runway. My highlights are below- if I had space for a hundred more pictures I would have included more  or less everything I saw but I managed to bring it down to this;



Anne Tyrrell, Former lecturer at Royal College of Arts was honoured with Hilary Alexender presenting her award.

IMG_20140603_210610368_HDR IMG_20140603_211022460 IMG_20140603_205110333_HDR

Grace Weller of Bath Spa University, was presented with the womenswear award by Philip Treacy and also won the Gold Awards






IMG_20140603_204933900_HDRIMG_20140603_204940107_HDRIMG_20140603_204947866_HDRIMG_20140603_204954881_HDRIMG_20140603_205240719_HDR - CopyIMG_20140603_205259130_HDRIMG_20140603_205316905_HDR


IMG_20140603_204604726_HDR IMG_20140603_204556016_HDR IMG_20140603_204630827_HDR


IMG_20140603_204329123_HDR IMG_20140603_204320593_HDR IMG_20140603_204303849_HDR IMG_20140603_203715509 IMG_20140603_203704046_HDR IMG_20140603_203653560_HDR IMG_20140603_203643169_HDR IMG_20140603_203635152_HDR


IMG_20140603_203405960_HDR IMG_20140603_203358655_HDR IMG_20140603_203236087 IMG_20140603_202938044_HDR IMG_20140603_202930631_HDR IMG_20140603_202921928_HDR IMG_20140603_202913295_HDR IMG_20140603_202904679_HDR IMG_20140603_202856966_HDR

Graduate Fashion Week 2014 and Exciting Blog News


I’ve spent the past few days in my element discovering emerging and new designers at Wolf & Badger boutique, who I’ve just started guest blogging for, and at Graduate Fashion Week which ended with a bang today. I’ve had a break from my blog as have been busy writing for one of London’s finest boutiques, according to Vogue. However I had to take the time to share the amazing talent spotted at GFW. I’ll also be sharing what I’ve been up to for the last few months soon as its been pretty exciting times- a blogathon is coming after my holiday to Atlanta this Friday! For now I’d like to share my highlights from the UCA Rochester graduate fashion week show and the exhibition. I’m always amazed at the extent of design talent abiding in the UK and its great to see stars from some  some of the unsung places outside of the capital. As a Londoner it easy to forget that creativity is alive and well in other parts of the UK and often in the most unexpected places. I’m truly grateful to Graduate Fashion Week for an eye opening  experience.

IMG_20140601_190900529 IMG_20140601_191313581 IMG_20140601_192030333_HDR IMG_20140601_192611723 IMG_20140601_193046987 IMG_20140601_193427898 IMG_20140601_193849480 IMG_20140601_200729772 IMG_20140601_200738228_HDR IMG_20140601_200746764_HDRIMG_20140601_200916829_HDR IMG_20140601_200928233_HDR IMG_20140601_201036044 IMG_20140601_201115278_HDR IMG_20140601_201144987 IMG_20140601_201237201 IMG_20140601_201307457_HDR IMG_20140601_201525451 IMG_20140601_201629567 IMG_20140601_201639442_HDRIMG_20140601_201705397_HDR IMG_20140601_201725796 IMG_20140601_201736405_HDR IMG_20140601_201744324 IMG_20140601_201832938_HDR IMG_20140601_201931217_HDR IMG_20140601_202430344_HDR IMG_20140601_202447194_HDR IMG_20140601_202500563_HDR IMG_20140601_202515590_HDR IMG_20140601_202528962_HDR IMG_20140601_202541228_HDR IMG_20140601_202635798 IMG_20140601_202831855_HDR IMG_20140601_202840132_HDR IMG_20140601_202925417_HDR IMG_20140601_203034002 IMG_20140601_203049934_HDR IMG_20140601_203104670_HDR IMG_20140601_203111821_HDR IMG_20140601_203336666_HDR IMG_20140601_203349083_HDR IMG_20140601_203642448_HDRIMG_20140601_203658475_HDR IMG_20140601_203704524 IMG_20140601_203723060 IMG_20140601_203727908_HDR IMG_20140603_184000719_HDR IMG_20140603_184007832 IMG_20140603_184347602 IMG_20140603_184437755 IMG_20140603_184602088

In Memory of Rana Plaza


Thursday April 24th 2014 marked the one year anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh where over 1000 people lost their lives whilst making clothes for a number of Western High Street brands. This horrific tragedy could have been avoided if Governments and brands worked together to enforce better working conditions in not only Bangladesh but other major garment producing companies. The sad reality is the majority of brands only pay attention to these issues- when we consumers make our voices heard and show that we do not want to wear clothes that have been produced through the misery of our fellow citizens on the other side of the globe. April 24th marked a day of protest on London’ s Oxford street in addition to a campaign called insideout where people were encouraged to wear their clothes inside out displaying the label and asking brands where their clothes were made.

It was also a day of sharing information on the issues surrounding garment production- something that a lot of consumers are unaware of – although this is changing especially when disasters like Rana Plaza grab the worlds attention. I went to the screening of a film,Tears in the Fabric, produced by the Rainbow Collective. Rather than focus on the failings of the numerous clothing brands involved it told a story of a mother who lost her two daughters and was struggling to raise her beautiful grandsons. People who are living in oppressive conditions usually get used to their voices not being heard, but Ms Begum, like many other people affected by the disaster, was extremely sharp and highly vocal about the injustice of the situation. You could see sadness mixed with anger in her eyes and hear it in her voice. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the scene of the factory rubble which contained a mixture of the clothes of the brands mixed with the clothes of the workers who were killed. Ms Begum and her grandsons picked up clothes showing the camera the labels of brands which were being manufactured and when doing so, without words asked the question why haven’t they compensated me and the thousands of people affected by this tragedy.


Countless lives have also been lost in clothing factory fires in countries such as Cambodia and there have also been reports of workers collapsing , being beaten, low wages…the list goes on. In the 21st century I think its time for these issues to be a thing of the past, especially when the CEO’s of the worlds largest clothing retailers are billionaires.  It all boils down to recognizing that the life of a garment worker in Asia has the same value of the lives of consumers in the West. Luckily there are some clothing brands that adopt this philosophy and the screening of the Ms Begum’s story was followed with a charity auction of brands produced ethically and with sustainable principles, with proceeds going to families still waiting for compensation. Some of my favourites are shown below.




IMG_20140424_201440901 IMG_20140424_201400860

Alter Equo Jewellery

IMG_20140424_201704067 IMG_20140424_201729607


IMG_20140424_200756055Po Zu

IMG_20140424_200830609 IMG_20140424_200839482

Water Puppet and Choolips 

IMG_20140424_201307910Edge  Inspired


Itsy Bitsy Vintage

The momentum from the Rana Plaza is continuing and next week, Thursday May 1st the will be an Ethical Fashion Show in London with a discussion panel including Observer journalist, Lucy Siegle and founder of Fair trade clothing line People Tree, Safia Minnie. There will also be a number of brands available for sale including some hand made and vintage accessories from my boutique; To my London based followers I would love to see you at the event and I hope you all watch and share the excellent Tears in the Fabric documentary.

Lewis and Leigh Press Day AW14

photo 1 (2)

My Press days were continued with Lewis and Leigh PR who showcased a wonderfully colourful and quirky collection of labels. It was held in the fashionista’s favourite Sanderson Hotel in Soho. There were so many striking pieces- including the London Fashion Week AW14 collection of Sadie Clayton which can be seen on a previous post in its full spendour; . Other brands  showed the fine line than can exist between art and fashion but the ingenious designers still managed to create something wearable.

Since the launch of my boutique I have been completely obsessed with handmade jewellery and was mesmerized by this enchanting collection by Lucky Little Blighters which could just have easily been seen in a sculpture gallery!

photo 1 (2) photo 2  photo 3 (2)

The pop art mixed with rock and roll style of Shara Hayz collection put a smile on my face.. This designer of most definitely one to watch. She featured on Rihanna’s fashion competition TV series Styled to Rock and her creations have been worn by Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters), AME and Lara Stone.


photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3) photo 4 (2)



I had a lovely conversation with one half of Beau Homme about the intriguing and unlikely inspiration behind this collection. The beautiful illustrations reveal a hidden message about the way we communicate in the social media era. Each piece is full of symbolism so wearing one of these great easy to wear pieces would make you fashionable and philisophical, without having to make a FEMEN style statement.

photo 1  photo 2  photo 3


I love the simple but striking design of this typical effortlessly cool Scandinavian brand Orphan Bird . I’ll always love bold colours and crazy prints but brands like these make me toy with the idea f giving my wardrobe a minimalist makeunder. For now I’ll just admire!

photo 1  photo 3   photo 4

Ella Dror PR AW14 press day


Having just returned from an incredible mini break to Corfu, I definitely needed a fashion fix to get me over my holiday blues after heading straight back to work  ( in serious day job). I couldn’t wait to escape the office each day as I knew I would be greeted with spaces full of sartorial and other treats. My first was the Ella Dror press day at London Edition Hotel in Soho. I entered a dark room which felt like a club except packed with people and lively clothes on rails. There were DJ sets from designer Fred Butler and artist Margot Bowman. I spotted some of my favourite brands and discovered some new gems.

IMG_4214IMG_4220IMG_4217 - Copy

Ashley Williams


Alex Mattson, Xander Zhou

IMG_4258 - CopyIMG_4259


Keely Hunter

IMG_4236 - Copy   IMG_4225   IMG_4224 - Copy       

Piers Atkinson

IMG_4266  IMG_4263

More posts about press days and the divine island of Cofu coming soon!

Kitty Joseph