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Holidays Part One, Jamaica & Trinidad


Am currently feeling refreshed and jetlagged at the same time having just returned from a trip to my Caribbean homelands Jamaica and St Lucia- plus a day in Trinidad. I’m lucky enough to have family living in my two favourite Islands- mum in St Lucia and grandad in Jamaica so got to spend time with loved ones, get an experience of real life on the Islands whilst doing some touristy stuff – a perfect mix! I started off in Jamaica where I’ve been the past few years in a row but I always find it equally amusing simply watching the energetic often hot headed people and the hustle and bustle in the local markets. I also arrived in time for the annual curry festival. Coming here makes me realise where my passion for food comes from as Jamaicans love their food that they have individual festivals for national favourite food types such as the Crab fest, Jerk Chicken fest, Fried fish Fest and Breadfruit fest(Caribbean starchy vegetable) – these are just the ones I ‘ve seen recently so there are probably more. I made the most of the food and drink and of course the beach.


7 miles of white sand in Negril


With mum at the curry fest in Savanna La Mar

IMG_20150426_180853472           IMG_20150426_175412435 IMG_20150426_165052030

Curried goat


Curried prawn


Jerk pork – Jamaicans are not afraid to see where their meat comes from!


Teaching grandad to selfie


Grandads puppy


Cocktails at a beach bar negril. Am wearing jewellery from www.realmoftreasure.comIMG_20150427_105432536

Guinness cheesecake at the airport- Jamaica has the best alcoholic treats!


Spotted this unfortunate lonely fish washed up on the shore in Trinidad



Beautiful morning on Macqueripe beach, Trinidad, before flying to St Lucia in the afternoon- a busy 2 days! Oh and i spotted Levi Roots on my plane after seeing Nick Canon in Negril- my lack of pics shows I’m not too much of a celeb follower as it took me too long to put the faces to names.


Mothers Day Gift Ideas


With my mum being far away in the Caribbean, St Lucia, I really appreciate how special mothers are so have picked out some of the finest gifts you can find for this mothers day (in my humble opinion).

1. Recycled rubber necklace handcut in Indonesia from my boutique www.realmoftreasure.com or available at Broadway Market, London Fields, Hackney.

2. United Nude red leather shoes with their signature metal heel available at Shoeshoplive.

3. An adorable Hotel Chocolat set with pink rose, an eaton mess white chocolate slab and champagne truffles ( thank God I just had lunch otherwise I’d be drooling over this).

4. A beautiful canvas painting by the talented Hannah Adamaszek (Whom In interviewed in an earlier post).

5. A Ren Morrocan Rose Otto gift set with luxurious body lotion and shower gel. Nothing makes me feel more pampered than the sent of rose oil!

6. A Diptyque candle as every lady needs to have at least one of these at some point in her life!

7. Finally a stunning mother of pearl shell and black resin clutch from my new favourite handbag designer Nathalie Trad.

Don’t forget to treat yourself too- after or with mum of course!

Newly Discovered Finds for Realm of Treasure


Its one of my favourite times of the year, spring tradeshow time and I’ve been a busy bee having a blast trawling through a jewellery lovers paradise. I’ve found some exciting new handmade jewellery for www.realmoftreasure.com which I am currently testing out on Broadway market, in the School Yard and on myself. Top Drawer and Spring Fair International brought the worlds finest makers to one place in London’s Kensington Olympia and Birmingham’s NEC and led to the discovery of the below treasures. I’d love to know what you think!

Handmade in Turkey



IMG_20150201_132315595[1] IMG_20150201_132250953[1]

Recycled Rubber Jewellery handmade in Indonesia

IMG_20150111_165748056[1] IMG_20150111_165741883[1] IMG_20150111_165735697[1]

24Karat gold plated Jewellery handmade in Devon

IMG_20150111_150211165[1] IMG_20150111_150143278[1] IMG_20150111_150129305[1] IMG_20150111_150135664[1]

AT Broadway Market




Quality Testing paired with vintage maxi dress from Broadway market of course


Realm of Treasure at Broadway Market


Am excited that http://www.realmoftreasure.com/ has now started a regular occupancy at Broadway Markey in London Fields, Hackney, which is in my humble opinion the best market in London’s East End and one of the best in London! Broadway has all of my favourite things in one place; amazing food, cool vintage and quirky handmade jewellery and crafts. Am happy to be contributing to some of the amazing handmade jewellery that can be found there and have been motivated to find some fantastic new suppliers to meet the demands of the discerning and lovely customers. I’m currently in the School Yard which is just round the corner from the main street and opposite the park so if ever in the area coma and say hi!

You can follow my movements on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thelaststraggler , twitter @realmoftreasure and instagram.




IMG_20141213_103452641[1] IMG_20141213_103504597[1] IMG_20141213_103518720[1] IMG_20141213_103526560[1]  IMG_20141213_142144602[1]  IMG_20141206_103757133[1] IMG_20141206_103721488[1] IMG_20141206_103727121[1] IMG_20141206_103652369[1]

East End Vintage Pound Sale!!


On a beautiful sunny Saturday I had the good fortune of attending my first and not the last £1 vintage sale hosted by the East End Thrift Store near Bethnal Green. Yes you heard that right- two of my favourite things- vintage and the nice price of a round pound. I knew that this was going to be a very fulfilling experience and I wasn’t wrong. Once I got over the initial feeling of being overwhelmed by seeing masses of clothes strewn out over an outdoors yard- (really had to thank God for the weather cos that could have got ugly if it turned!) – my competitive spirit came into force and I was determined to discover some of the finest gems that the sale had to offer and I didn’t fare too badly at all. I actually found some amazing pieces and was even reluctant to put them on here as when people ask the ‘where did you get that ‘ question, I can no longer invent an exotic story, suggest that its designer due to the hard proof on this post that I actually got it for a humble pound. This actually makes it more exciting to me as a am a proud bargain queen- when no exploitation is involved- which is the beauty of vintage! I will definitely be attending the next one of these and will post when I get to wear some of my finds.

IMAG1767 IMAG1768 IMAG1769 IMAG1770 IMAG1771 IMAG1772    IMAG1780

I wore vintage dress and jacket from Oxfam and another tiny charity shop both in Liverpool and shoes from a swishing event at my church in Finsbury Park. Paired with Kenyan beaded necklace from my boutique www.realmoftreasure.com.

IMAG1788 IMAG1790 IMAG1791

How cool is this reversible waistcoat!!!

IMAG1793  IMAG1795

Someone please invite me to a glam cocktail party so I can wear this super kitch and fabulous 80’s dress ASAP!