So whilst one of my new years resolutions is to be punctual I thought I’d still let this blog pay homage to one of my old habits- tardiness. Yes, there are a million fashion blogs out there but in my old style I decided to be fashionably late because as they say better late than never. Its definitely never too late to share my crazy life with the world, especially my love of fashion and my hometown- London. My love of fashion doesn’t stop me from realising there are far more important things in the world but feelย  free to join me as I escape to the world of print, fabrics, cuts and colours. I also take my hat off to the pioneers who are using fashion to make the world a better place- making me feel less guilty about my trivial addiction! I’mย  living up to the ideal that we can have it all- be stylish, responsible, trivial and serious and hopefully I won’t leave anyone feeling confused!

(My name is Zaena Miller – a freelance writer and researcher; my work has been published in Six Magazine, The Ethical Fashion Forums Source magazine and I have worked for Euromonitor and Verdict Research.

Find me on Twitter @laststraggler

Facebook;ย http://www.facebook.com/thelaststraggler

Email; zaenamiller@gmail.com


  1. palkanboutique

    Hi Zaena,

    Thanks for your like on post”Dressing changes Perceptions” on palkanboutique.wordpress.com. I can see there are similarities in our thoughts for fashion.


  2. Amber F.

    Hello Zaena!
    Thank you for the likes on my blog! It’s awesome to see another motivated woman of color talking about fashion and beauty! I love what you have going on here! I’m officially following you!

  3. longandluxe

    Dear Zaena,

    Your blog is truly captivating and your about page rings so true for me, too! I’m brand new to the fashion blog world and I thank you for your beautiful, creative and inspiring space. Looking forward to following a kindred spirit!


  4. Rochefabrique

    Hey Zaena. I’m a writer too. I’ve a background in academia but now I’m looking to write more about my pleasures, which including handmade goodies (knitting, food, the lot). Really glad I’ve found your blog.

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