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Summer of Love; Barcelona & Sitges


I’ve been making the most of the surprisingly sunny British summer but had a moment to experience some proper heat on a weekend trip to Barcelona celebrating a wedding and generally getting out and about. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities due to amazing architecture, beautiful pristine clean streets and a rich artistic heritage. Barcelona also has some half decent beaches in the centre, making it a dreamy location, plus some more impressive ones on the outskirts, Castelldefels and Sitges. The wedding took me to a quaint suburb, Sarria where I was hosted in a stunning farmhouse and ate the best Spanish and European food til I couldn’t move! I had an action packed weekend and came back needing another holiday but it was all worth it!

Selfie from the amazing balcony at Hotel Zenit


Selfies in Sitges


Sitges town and the Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla, & Castelldefels








Ended my day in Sitges admiring a chilled out cat and eating Octopus with Fried Spinach balls


Sagrada Familia



Park Guell and Gaudi’s House






Stunning church in Sarria and wedding of the year!





Wedding outfit and new Rosa Pietsch  jewellery coming soon to Realm of Treasure


African print pre wedding party and vintage day on the beach outfits



LCM SS16 – Girl in a Man’s World


Polkadots, boobs and big hair at the Lewis and Leigh + Petrie Magazine LCM opening party at The Cuckoo Club

Despite being a girly girl most of the time I’m always pleasantly surprised by the London menswear scene, especially during London Collections Men. This season, LCM SS16, I was struck by the variety of style from colourful prints to all black and everything I saw was wearable- I was even imagining some pieces in my wardrobe. There is always a buzz in the air during LCM as it gets more established each year and gets closer to the status of London Fashion Week, although many people prefer LCM. The usual faces such as Tinie Temper, Labrynth and David Gandy were around supporting some of the UK’s best emerging menswear designers &  heritage brands. On a random note I was luckily given late entry, after initial refusal, to a show after the doors closed as some celebs arrived who security allowed to be late (5 mins to be fair) at Maharishi- if any one knows who they were (black guy with dreads and a small crew) send them my thanks- would have been gutted if I missed it!


The lovely Ada Zanditon at the Ada + Nik presentation & me wearing jewellery from my boutique Realm of Treasure.wpid-img_20150613_210722105.jpg

Caption this – Ada with Nik Thakkar and models

wpid-img_20150613_211224827.jpg wpid-img_20150613_203946297.jpg wpid-img_20150613_203153207.jpg

My first time trying black Water- by BLKwpid-img_20150614_171617171.jpg

The Maharishi Finale

wpid-img_20150614_171131757_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150614_171020106.jpg wpid-img_20150614_171503126.jpg wpid-img_20150614_171141762.jpgwpid-img_20150614_175851187.jpg

The bar at the Belstaff presentation where I binge drank Moroccan mint tea to the extent I didn’t even spot David Gandy!wpid-img_20150614_175643328.jpg

wpid-img_20150614_175438049.jpgwpid-img_20150614_175433574.jpgwpid-img_20150614_175637628.jpg wpid-img_20150612_173838150.jpg

Only 3 shades of grey but loved Grey – Scale’s use of my favourite non colour at The Hospital Club exhibition

wpid-img_20150612_173708466.jpg wpid-img_20150612_211515628.jpg

Also spotted a LCM dedicated section in Selfridges . Casely – Hayford was the first to catch my eye

Newly Discovered Finds for Realm of Treasure


Its one of my favourite times of the year, spring tradeshow time and I’ve been a busy bee having a blast trawling through a jewellery lovers paradise. I’ve found some exciting new handmade jewellery for which I am currently testing out on Broadway market, in the School Yard and on myself. Top Drawer and Spring Fair International brought the worlds finest makers to one place in London’s Kensington Olympia and Birmingham’s NEC and led to the discovery of the below treasures. I’d love to know what you think!

Handmade in Turkey



IMG_20150201_132315595[1] IMG_20150201_132250953[1]

Recycled Rubber Jewellery handmade in Indonesia

IMG_20150111_165748056[1] IMG_20150111_165741883[1] IMG_20150111_165735697[1]

24Karat gold plated Jewellery handmade in Devon

IMG_20150111_150211165[1] IMG_20150111_150143278[1] IMG_20150111_150129305[1] IMG_20150111_150135664[1]

AT Broadway Market




Quality Testing paired with vintage maxi dress from Broadway market of course


Realm of Treasure at Broadway Market


Am excited that has now started a regular occupancy at Broadway Markey in London Fields, Hackney, which is in my humble opinion the best market in London’s East End and one of the best in London! Broadway has all of my favourite things in one place; amazing food, cool vintage and quirky handmade jewellery and crafts. Am happy to be contributing to some of the amazing handmade jewellery that can be found there and have been motivated to find some fantastic new suppliers to meet the demands of the discerning and lovely customers. I’m currently in the School Yard which is just round the corner from the main street and opposite the park so if ever in the area coma and say hi!

You can follow my movements on Facebook , twitter @realmoftreasure and instagram.




IMG_20141213_103452641[1] IMG_20141213_103504597[1] IMG_20141213_103518720[1] IMG_20141213_103526560[1]  IMG_20141213_142144602[1]  IMG_20141206_103757133[1] IMG_20141206_103721488[1] IMG_20141206_103727121[1] IMG_20141206_103652369[1]

Graduate Fashion Week Awards Gala Show


I attended the Graduate Fashion Week Awards Gala before I went on holiday last week and this amazing sartorial experience as well as GFW as a whole made my holiday shopping experience in the US comparatively dull. Innovation was everywhere and I have the utmost respect for all of the students who were able to create such striking and innovative designs. The Awards which were  presented by Hilary Alexander, Philip Treacy, Zoe Hardman and judged by British Fashion Council‘s Sarah Mower; designers Peter Pilotto, Philip Treacy and Louise Gray; Sara Maino of Italian Vogue; and Fiona Lambert, vice-president of George at Asda. I think the students were able to get the right balance between wearable pieces that still wowed on the runway. My highlights are below- if I had space for a hundred more pictures I would have included more  or less everything I saw but I managed to bring it down to this;



Anne Tyrrell, Former lecturer at Royal College of Arts was honoured with Hilary Alexender presenting her award.

IMG_20140603_210610368_HDR IMG_20140603_211022460 IMG_20140603_205110333_HDR

Grace Weller of Bath Spa University, was presented with the womenswear award by Philip Treacy and also won the Gold Awards






IMG_20140603_204933900_HDRIMG_20140603_204940107_HDRIMG_20140603_204947866_HDRIMG_20140603_204954881_HDRIMG_20140603_205240719_HDR - CopyIMG_20140603_205259130_HDRIMG_20140603_205316905_HDR


IMG_20140603_204604726_HDR IMG_20140603_204556016_HDR IMG_20140603_204630827_HDR


IMG_20140603_204329123_HDR IMG_20140603_204320593_HDR IMG_20140603_204303849_HDR IMG_20140603_203715509 IMG_20140603_203704046_HDR IMG_20140603_203653560_HDR IMG_20140603_203643169_HDR IMG_20140603_203635152_HDR


IMG_20140603_203405960_HDR IMG_20140603_203358655_HDR IMG_20140603_203236087 IMG_20140603_202938044_HDR IMG_20140603_202930631_HDR IMG_20140603_202921928_HDR IMG_20140603_202913295_HDR IMG_20140603_202904679_HDR IMG_20140603_202856966_HDR

East End Vintage Pound Sale!!


On a beautiful sunny Saturday I had the good fortune of attending my first and not the last £1 vintage sale hosted by the East End Thrift Store near Bethnal Green. Yes you heard that right- two of my favourite things- vintage and the nice price of a round pound. I knew that this was going to be a very fulfilling experience and I wasn’t wrong. Once I got over the initial feeling of being overwhelmed by seeing masses of clothes strewn out over an outdoors yard- (really had to thank God for the weather cos that could have got ugly if it turned!) – my competitive spirit came into force and I was determined to discover some of the finest gems that the sale had to offer and I didn’t fare too badly at all. I actually found some amazing pieces and was even reluctant to put them on here as when people ask the ‘where did you get that ‘ question, I can no longer invent an exotic story, suggest that its designer due to the hard proof on this post that I actually got it for a humble pound. This actually makes it more exciting to me as a am a proud bargain queen- when no exploitation is involved- which is the beauty of vintage! I will definitely be attending the next one of these and will post when I get to wear some of my finds.

IMAG1767 IMAG1768 IMAG1769 IMAG1770 IMAG1771 IMAG1772    IMAG1780

I wore vintage dress and jacket from Oxfam and another tiny charity shop both in Liverpool and shoes from a swishing event at my church in Finsbury Park. Paired with Kenyan beaded necklace from my boutique

IMAG1788 IMAG1790 IMAG1791

How cool is this reversible waistcoat!!!

IMAG1793  IMAG1795

Someone please invite me to a glam cocktail party so I can wear this super kitch and fabulous 80’s dress ASAP!

LFW AW14; Streetstyle and Showroom


London Fashion Week is the perfect place to spot amazing streetstyle. I wondered around the grounds of Somerset House scouting  for some style inspiration and found some amazingly stylish fashionistas. I also loved discovering more refreshing talent.

abc11 abc10

Liz Black Salvatore Dali inspired collection


Heohwan Simulation


Yulia Kondranina

abc7 abc6

Paper London

abc2 abc3

Fyodor Golan

abc4 abc5

Jena Theo




Kondranina who I interviewed for Noctis Magazine, and I.

DSC_8702 copy

Me in an Ada Zanditon dress with chunky chain necklace from my boutique



Me in vintage Colette Dinnigan, and jacket from Oxfam with Melissa Vivienne Westwood shoes. Necklace from



Adore these Martina Spetlova Callots

IMG_2217 IMG_2213 IMG_2208

Designer Sadie Clayton wearing her AW14 collection.