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Summer of Love; Barcelona & Sitges


I’ve been making the most of the surprisingly sunny British summer but had a moment to experience some proper heat on a weekend trip to Barcelona celebrating a wedding and generally getting out and about. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities due to amazing architecture, beautiful pristine clean streets and a rich artistic heritage. Barcelona also has some half decent beaches in the centre, making it a dreamy location, plus some more impressive ones on the outskirts, Castelldefels and Sitges. The wedding took me to a quaint suburb, Sarria where I was hosted in a stunning farmhouse and ate the best Spanish and European food til I couldn’t move! I had an action packed weekend and came back needing another holiday but it was all worth it!

Selfie from the amazing balcony at Hotel Zenit


Selfies in Sitges


Sitges town and the Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla, & Castelldefels








Ended my day in Sitges admiring a chilled out cat and eating Octopus with Fried Spinach balls


Sagrada Familia



Park Guell and Gaudi’s House






Stunning church in Sarria and wedding of the year!





Wedding outfit and new Rosa Pietsch  jewellery coming soon to Realm of Treasure


African print pre wedding party and vintage day on the beach outfits


J’Adore La France; Marseille Part 1


I’ve always wanted to check out Marseille as I intend to gradually make my way to all the major cities and the quaintest villages of France. I’ve made a small dent in the country having visited the Cote D’or, Cote D’Azure, Lille, Bordeaux, Limoges, La Plagne (French Alpes), Versaille, and have the fondest memories of my Erasmus year studying in Paris ( a million years ago). Marseille has always been near the top of my list despite it taking me so long to get there. Its known as being one of the most multicultural places in France which in my mind, and rightly so, translates as lively. Plus its on the coast so what more can you ask for than a vibrant setting and a beach! Sadly going in March meant my swimwear had to stay put but I still got to enjoy the harbour and the stunning landscape which still were breathtaking on the gloomiest grey days.

En route the sun was shining over La Manche (English Channel) but sadly didn’t make it Marseille in time for my weekend there. At least I got to experience some sun even if still on the plane!




I stayed with a friend in the very chic Panier district which hosts a pristine shopping mall with its own terrace and harbour.


The Musee de Beaux Art (Museum of fine art)/ Palais Lonchamps lives up to its name as the building is one of the most impressive works of architecture I have seen and the variety of art on the inside was surprising for such a small museum. It was great to see dignified portraits of Africans & Arabs alongside those of French aristocracy plus a vast collection of imposing sculptures. Plus I loved the random Giraffe in front of the Giraffe theatre which is located in the building in addition to the Natural History Museum.





IMG_20150322_145320604_HDRIMG_20150322_144620406IMG_20150322_144517484 IMG_20150322_143440234 IMG_20150322_143406635   IMG_20150322_143132895 IMG_20150322_142207223  IMG_20150322_142841124  IMG_20150322_143021210 IMG_20150322_142143044








Another lofty heritage site is the church Notre Dame de La Garde which I couldn’t help comparing to Montmartre in Paris due it being situated on a hill with Panoramic views of the city. I can’t decide which I loved more about Marseille’s guardian church , the details of building, its striking interior or the views – it was an overwhelming experience and the pictures don’t really do it justice but I tried!





IMG_20150322_125446911_HDR IMG_20150322_125342757_HDR

The Vieux Port (Old Port) is the heart of Marseille surrounded by restaurants and bars  serving the cities signature dish, bouillabaisse (fish stew which I’ll show in my next post) and an array of wonderfully fresh seafood- so a paradise for me.


IMG_20150322_121729376 IMG_20150322_121739708

Mussel soup


Prawn Tagliatelli


I also stumbled across the smallest and cutest market ever selling traditional Marseillaise soap which the city is famous for (amongst other craft, jewellery and gourmet food of course).


I had a taste of the Marseille night life in the White Rabbit bar which had a Shoreditch (east London hipster area) vibe. I think the rule for working behing the bar here is to be bearded, tattooed or both (the latter for men only thankfully). It was fun but not an out of the ordinary experience for me but I’ll definitely remember the delicious cucumber cocktail.  I did my part to represent east London wearing jewellery from my boutique which is also sold at East London’s finest, Broadway Market, but showed my respect to the locals by wearing a dress  & shoes that I bought there. Oh and I spotted a fellow Brit- Susan Boyle.




Finally- a random cheapo shop with an ironic logo tee stating ‘I love to see your money hanging in my closet’- well not if you buy the 5 euro boots?!


Bag Lust; Nathalie Trad


Its hard for words to describe how in awe I am of Nathalie Trad clutches. I think her designs are some of the most unique on the planet with such an intense mix of textures, patterns, structures and general amazingness. Trad was born in Lebanon, raised in Dubai and has lived in Paris and New York, studied at Esmod and Parson’s,  and I can imagine that such a rich and diverse cultural background has without doubt fostered her extreme talent. Fans include Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port and Amber Le Bon. She takes inspiration from nature and art history which explains the versatility of her creations. Her philosophy is to ‘smell with your eyes, hear with your nose, see with your ears and taste with your hands’. Her bags can definitely excite the imagination and take you to a dream world where you engage all the senses. They are full of surprise and mystery in addition to being simply stunning.

Nathalie14 Nathalie12 nathalie7 Nathalie2 Nathalie 8 Nathalie 10 Nathalie 11 Nathalie 13 Nathalie 15  Nathalie 6 Nathalie 4 Nathalie 3

Mothers Day Gift Ideas


With my mum being far away in the Caribbean, St Lucia, I really appreciate how special mothers are so have picked out some of the finest gifts you can find for this mothers day (in my humble opinion).

1. Recycled rubber necklace handcut in Indonesia from my boutique or available at Broadway Market, London Fields, Hackney.

2. United Nude red leather shoes with their signature metal heel available at Shoeshoplive.

3. An adorable Hotel Chocolat set with pink rose, an eaton mess white chocolate slab and champagne truffles ( thank God I just had lunch otherwise I’d be drooling over this).

4. A beautiful canvas painting by the talented Hannah Adamaszek (Whom In interviewed in an earlier post).

5. A Ren Morrocan Rose Otto gift set with luxurious body lotion and shower gel. Nothing makes me feel more pampered than the sent of rose oil!

6. A Diptyque candle as every lady needs to have at least one of these at some point in her life!

7. Finally a stunning mother of pearl shell and black resin clutch from my new favourite handbag designer Nathalie Trad.

Don’t forget to treat yourself too- after or with mum of course!

Ode to Erykah Badu; Queen E


It was love at first sight since I first saw Erykah Badu’s first single, on & on, TV many moons ago. I was hypnotized by her unique beauty and sound and have been a lifelong fan as have the rest of my family ever since. She is an artist through to the bone and expresses herself through all art forms. Erykah is without a doubt my number 1 style icon as she really brings the phrase wearable art to life- even if sadly I won’t be copying her looks due to being a bit less on the eccentric side- she still encourages me to be different and celebrate my unique qualities-  regardless however obvious or subtle they are. Her music has provided a sound track for the past 20 years of my life and has enhanced my best and soothed my worst moments. Queen E, I salute you and have a blessed birthday. Love and peace!

erykah 16erykah2erykah7erykah5erykah4erykah10

Killing the Givenchy campaign!


With my other love; Janelle Monae


With hottie Frank Ocean (I know hes gay- I think?-but one can dream)

erykah 19erykah 11

London Fashion Week AW15; The Warm Up


My London Fashion Week experience has been less busy than usual but equally enjoyable. It kicked off on Thursday with a few pre – events including the amazing London College of Fashion MA exhibition. LCF MA Fashion grads are under a humungous amount of pressure to produce mystical wonders and they somehow manage to live up to these high expectations. There were visual treats of all kinds from Dali inspired abstract bags to shoes that could pass for mini wearable sculptures-  (not sure how wearable in reality). I was in awe of everything!


IMG_20150219_171939259IMG_20150219_172846852IMG_20150219_171533279 IMG_20150219_173034815 IMG_20150219_173055163  IMG_20150219_173122649 IMG_20150219_173144333 IMG_20150219_173156639 IMG_20150219_173225955 IMG_20150219_173220455 IMG_20150219_173210132 IMG_20150219_173320894  IMG_20150219_173522781 IMG_20150219_173539237 IMG_20150219_173543858 IMG_20150219_173630186 IMG_20150219_173609224 IMG_20150219_173552008 IMG_20150219_173639517 IMG_20150219_173646387 IMG_20150219_173653099

Fashioned at Craft Central




Cezanna Agatha

Just when the buzz from London Fashion Week started to fade I remembered that a handmade jewellery and fashion showcase was running at Craft Central in Clerkenwell. Since the launch of my jewellery boutique I am more than  obsesses with atrisanship so I had to go. I was immediately blown away by the detailed structural pieces, it really was a thin line between art and fashion and contained some of the most innovative pieces I’ve ever seen. I left feeling inspired and motivated to keep on discovering the amazingly talented makers and creators that dwell in my city.



Hetty Rose shoes




Hats / headresses by Ugly Lovely




Martina Bohn hats








Bailey Tomlin


Alexandra Tosto


Alison Willoughby



Grace Hamilton


Ciara Bowles



Bridget Harvey



Sara Gunn

IMG_2271 IMG_2272

House of Flora (hat) / Yvette Estelle Jeffrey necklace)


Lilia Milpetrova




Michelle Fernandez


Monique Daniels Jewellery


Cezanne Agatha