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Meet the Artist; Hannah Adamaszek


Hannah Adamaszek is one of the most exciting up and coming artists of the moment. She is currently exhibiting in Lulu Guinness’ pop up gallery in collaboration with floating gallery, Beautiful Crime. Hannah graduated from Bournemouth with an art degree. She creates street art using  mix of ink, acrylics and spray cans. I caught up with the smiley lady in Covent garden, just down the rd from the Beautiful Crime store and she filled me in on the whirlwind of cool stuff she’s been involved in over the past couple years.

The Beautiful Crime pop up features the work of Hannah Adamaszek, Bansky, Goldie (yes the drum and base artist with gold teeth) and portraits of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.






Hannah’s work is largely inspired by Native Indian’s (a culture that we both admire see earlier post) and this influence can be seen in her trademark striking female portraits that feature elegant strong women painted in soft dreamy colours. She appreciates the  way they value nature and live in harmony with the earth. She also gets inspiration from jewellery and is always on the look out for new designers. Another important factor is travel and Hannah is lucky enough to have lived in Switzerland, Austria and Australia. Pinterest is essential to her work as it enables her to look at places she’s like to go and base her creations on the resulting themes and colours. Her trip to the Milla falls in Queensland,  Australia inspired one of her striking portrait. Hannah also took part in a local art project inspired by nature in a community project in my hometown on the Walthamstow marshes, Mural on the Marsh, painting over the slightly less visually appealing street tags of youths on a mural.

hannah (1)

Hannah wearing golden grass earrings made by Native tribes in the Amazon from my website ;

Hannah has had an epic year with the  Beautiful Crime pop up, exhibiting at Stroke art fair in Berlin and her first solo show at the amazing Curious Duke Gallery in London, but the main highlight for her was leaving her job at BT in April to focus more on art. The gutsy move has definitely paid off and the talented lady has been busier than ever and is deserving the recognition she deserves with recent sightings of her work in the Metro, Daily Mail, a competition in the Stylist and being shortlisted in the Saatchi Showdown competition. She will also be exhibiting at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwhich’s Christmas show on December 13th.  Her advice to artists is not to give up even after getting lots of rejection which is something she has experienced and targeting the right gallery for your work is also important.  Her next goals are to paint a huge wall and do some work in other countries. I look forward to following the rest of her promising career.

The coolest mirror ever



Solo show at Curious Duke Gallery