Holidays Part One, Jamaica & Trinidad


Am currently feeling refreshed and jetlagged at the same time having just returned from a trip to my Caribbean homelands Jamaica and St Lucia- plus a day in Trinidad. I’m lucky enough to have family living in my two favourite Islands- mum in St Lucia and grandad in Jamaica so got to spend time with loved ones, get an experience of real life on the Islands whilst doing some touristy stuff – a perfect mix! I started off in Jamaica where I’ve been the past few years in a row but I always find it equally amusing simply watching the energetic often hot headed people and the hustle and bustle in the local markets. I also arrived in time for the annual curry festival. Coming here makes me realise where my passion for food comes from as Jamaicans love their food that they have individual festivals for national favourite food types such as the Crab fest, Jerk Chicken fest, Fried fish Fest and Breadfruit fest(Caribbean starchy vegetable) – these are just the ones I ‘ve seen recently so there are probably more. I made the most of the food and drink and of course the beach.


7 miles of white sand in Negril


With mum at the curry fest in Savanna La Mar

IMG_20150426_180853472           IMG_20150426_175412435 IMG_20150426_165052030

Curried goat


Curried prawn


Jerk pork – Jamaicans are not afraid to see where their meat comes from!


Teaching grandad to selfie


Grandads puppy


Cocktails at a beach bar negril. Am wearing jewellery from www.realmoftreasure.comIMG_20150427_105432536

Guinness cheesecake at the airport- Jamaica has the best alcoholic treats!


Spotted this unfortunate lonely fish washed up on the shore in Trinidad



Beautiful morning on Macqueripe beach, Trinidad, before flying to St Lucia in the afternoon- a busy 2 days! Oh and i spotted Levi Roots on my plane after seeing Nick Canon in Negril- my lack of pics shows I’m not too much of a celeb follower as it took me too long to put the faces to names.


Lewis and Leigh PR AW15 Press Day


A press day is always a welcome end to my less than thrilling day job so I eagerly counted down the hours and then headed to Graphic Bar in Soho where Lewis and Leigh
PR held their AW15 press day. There was a chilled out party vibe as House of Alt provided a background of classic R & B tunes- if it wasn’t so early and a school night it would have been hard to get me out of there as some of my old time faves were churned out- and it made me feel good that the younger kids were aware of the soundtrack of my youth! On top of a great ambiance each corner of the bar had an exciting visual treat ranging from cool graphic prints, extravagant hats and bath bombs that made me hungry ( well hungrier than usual ).

Ada Zanditon Couturewpid-img_20150415_175031869.jpg wpid-img_20150415_175055464.jpg



Gyo Yuni Kimchoe

IMG_20150415_180610176 IMG_20150415_180503391

Jay Briggs 

IMG_20150415_180429239 IMG_20150415_180420966 IMG_20150415_180408755

Phiney Pet


Stvdio 5 cosmetics- still wishing these were edible!

IMG_20150415_180041897 IMG_20150415_180126296 IMG_20150415_180254684 IMG_20150415_180325903

United Nude Brick Lane Pop Up Launch


I was excited to find out that one of my favourite shoe brands, United Nude decided to open a pop up shop in my end of London Town, in Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery. The launch party was a relaxed evening of drinks and live music from the angelic voice of Bronagh. United Nude shoes have everything I love about fashion, colour, bold structures, cool prints and general quirkiness. Whilst they have a range of perfect shoes for making a statement they also have a good selection of classic styles that can be worn to work or on casual occasions. I opted for a bright gold pair with a silver heal which I bought from their Flagship shop in Covent Garden a while ago which have done a great job of brightening up my shoe collection which has gradually become and array of colours. Here were some of my faves from the launch;IMG_20150409_190959820

IMG_20150409_190431320IMG_20150409_192508628 IMG_20150409_192441145 IMG_20150409_192409889

The blue and grey version of my Gold UN shoes


My shoeaholic friends classic choice

IMG_20150409_190514770 IMG_20150409_190538486 IMG_20150409_190622257  IMG_20150409_190708446

Love these superwoman boots!


Bumped into fellow blogger, Top Model Greece judge and celeb stylist Leroy Dawkins of Diaryofaclotheshorse looking dapper in Saint Laurent.


I wore an old dress from one of the London markets- possibly Brick Lane?(too many clothes) & new shoes from my Marseille trip but made in Portugal.


Blogspo; Interview with London Tall Girl

I met the lovely Marsha from a few seasons ago at London Fashion Week and she continues to inspire me with her fabulous outfits and the huge success of her blog. Her blog focusses on fashion for tall ladies and does it extremely well. When I see Marsha pictures it makes me think- I should really make more of an effort with my daily style since I usually get dressed for work half asleep and in a frantic rush. My new challenge is to savour my time so outfit planning may become part of this- and don’t even get me started on my (lack of ) hair routine. Marsha’s style is always on point and I’ve never seen her with even a hair out of place. She also works hard and is consistent with her blog and its definitely paying off. She has been featured in the street style section of Grazia and Look magazines plus has collaborated with H&M and LK Bennet to name a few. I’ll continue to be inspired by her and am excited to see what she does next. For daily looks her Instagram is I’ll also be posting more outfit posts on my instagram, when I finally master my new slow routine- my Spring trip to Jamaica should help with this so watch this space!  I asked Marsha from some advice and learnt some more about her blogging journey in an interview.
When did you start your blog and what inspired you to start? 
I started my blog 3 years ago as I felt there was a gap in the market for a tall blog who focused on trends and London fashion. Also I wanted to show other tall young girls and women that being tall or a different body shape to the “average” you can still be stylish and chic. It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it.
tall look
Look Magazine
Which other fashion bloggers do you admire the most?
Atlantic Pacific for her fun play with prints and colour and chic sense of style.
Who is you ultimate style icon dead or alive?
Audrey Hepburn, I love her and that era. I like to incorporate 50’s style with modern trends.
What style tips would you give to other tall girls?
Stand tall, confident and be proud of who you are and no one will ever doubt you. Have fun with styling, if sleeves are too short, ruche them up for added attitude. There are so many tiny changes you can make to your outfit to make it work for you. Don’t worry about your height, have fun with it!
What tips would you give to other bloggers?
Find a niche and stick to it. Ensure your passionate as this will really come through in your writing and resonate with your readers. Be consistent and enjoy it!
Marsha 8
Tell me about some of the most exciting moments projects/ collaborations over the past year.
Collaborating with H&M was great, sting their new stretch denim.
Marsha 4

Marseille Part 2: Boat Trip and Bouillabaisse


The final part of my trip involved a boat trip  to the stunning islands of Frioul. The most famous one is If, which is the where the Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned ( I don’t know much about the story but found out its fictional) but I was only able to go to Pomegues and Rattoneau- more than enough! The boat ride in its self was an amazing experience- I love being near, on or in water so will never pass the opportunity for a boat trip but this one was really special. The views of Marseille were some of the best I’ve seen and even rivalled those from the top of the hill at Notre Dame de La Garde cathedral. The actual Islands were one of the most serene places I’ve ever visited but due to my spontaneous decision to go quite late I seemed to be the only person there which was a bit creepy at times, especially for a Londoner! I was still able to make the most of the serenity and stand in awe of mother nature and the beauty of my surroundings.


The Mucem is a Fort transformed into a concert venue!


One of the many stunning views of Notre Dame de la Garde


The Island of If with the infamous prison


One of the many hiking trails on the islands I visited- this is the only one I managed thanks to the steps!

IMG_20150322_190839770 IMG_20150322_190556221IMG_20150322_190541738 IMG_20150322_190536378IMG_20150322_185812450

The walkway connecting Pomegues and Ratonneau

IMG_20150322_185910645 IMG_20150322_190154075 IMG_20150322_190235205 IMG_20150322_190449090  IMG_20150322_185543225 IMG_20150322_185149503IMG_20150322_185418952 IMG_20150322_184842278 IMG_20150322_183235688

To make the trip even more memorable the friendly ticket guy invited me into the drivers cabin on the way back and also treated me to a serenade with songs in French plus his native Russian and Italian- He even added a little dance!


Back on land I took in stunning views of the Vieux Port harbour at night


After my mini hike (even if there were steps) I had a well deserved Bouillabaisse (fish stew) for which Marseille is famous. I went all out having mine with lobster. It was a very messy but worthwhile eating experience which involved adding whole not deboned fish- plus the lobster into the  stew so there’s were lots of splashes, bones and lobster shell everythere- not the best dish for someone as clumsy as me- but tasty.


On the last day the sun ironically decided to shine- I sadly left in the afternoon but at least got an hour of it and enjoyed a view of Notre Dame de La Garde without the clouds. I wore a bright dress to celebrate the sun’s appearance and took one last photo of a sunny Marseille from the plane before heading back to a cold London- where I will remain until further notice.



J’Adore La France; Marseille Part 1


I’ve always wanted to check out Marseille as I intend to gradually make my way to all the major cities and the quaintest villages of France. I’ve made a small dent in the country having visited the Cote D’or, Cote D’Azure, Lille, Bordeaux, Limoges, La Plagne (French Alpes), Versaille, and have the fondest memories of my Erasmus year studying in Paris ( a million years ago). Marseille has always been near the top of my list despite it taking me so long to get there. Its known as being one of the most multicultural places in France which in my mind, and rightly so, translates as lively. Plus its on the coast so what more can you ask for than a vibrant setting and a beach! Sadly going in March meant my swimwear had to stay put but I still got to enjoy the harbour and the stunning landscape which still were breathtaking on the gloomiest grey days.

En route the sun was shining over La Manche (English Channel) but sadly didn’t make it Marseille in time for my weekend there. At least I got to experience some sun even if still on the plane!




I stayed with a friend in the very chic Panier district which hosts a pristine shopping mall with its own terrace and harbour.


The Musee de Beaux Art (Museum of fine art)/ Palais Lonchamps lives up to its name as the building is one of the most impressive works of architecture I have seen and the variety of art on the inside was surprising for such a small museum. It was great to see dignified portraits of Africans & Arabs alongside those of French aristocracy plus a vast collection of imposing sculptures. Plus I loved the random Giraffe in front of the Giraffe theatre which is located in the building in addition to the Natural History Museum.





IMG_20150322_145320604_HDRIMG_20150322_144620406IMG_20150322_144517484 IMG_20150322_143440234 IMG_20150322_143406635   IMG_20150322_143132895 IMG_20150322_142207223  IMG_20150322_142841124  IMG_20150322_143021210 IMG_20150322_142143044








Another lofty heritage site is the church Notre Dame de La Garde which I couldn’t help comparing to Montmartre in Paris due it being situated on a hill with Panoramic views of the city. I can’t decide which I loved more about Marseille’s guardian church , the details of building, its striking interior or the views – it was an overwhelming experience and the pictures don’t really do it justice but I tried!





IMG_20150322_125446911_HDR IMG_20150322_125342757_HDR

The Vieux Port (Old Port) is the heart of Marseille surrounded by restaurants and bars  serving the cities signature dish, bouillabaisse (fish stew which I’ll show in my next post) and an array of wonderfully fresh seafood- so a paradise for me.


IMG_20150322_121729376 IMG_20150322_121739708

Mussel soup


Prawn Tagliatelli


I also stumbled across the smallest and cutest market ever selling traditional Marseillaise soap which the city is famous for (amongst other craft, jewellery and gourmet food of course).


I had a taste of the Marseille night life in the White Rabbit bar which had a Shoreditch (east London hipster area) vibe. I think the rule for working behing the bar here is to be bearded, tattooed or both (the latter for men only thankfully). It was fun but not an out of the ordinary experience for me but I’ll definitely remember the delicious cucumber cocktail.  I did my part to represent east London wearing jewellery from my boutique which is also sold at East London’s finest, Broadway Market, but showed my respect to the locals by wearing a dress  & shoes that I bought there. Oh and I spotted a fellow Brit- Susan Boyle.




Finally- a random cheapo shop with an ironic logo tee stating ‘I love to see your money hanging in my closet’- well not if you buy the 5 euro boots?!


Daydreaming About Gourmet Food


Amazingly strong and tasty Soju and passionfruit cocktail at Jinjuu Soho

Its that time of the day where I count down to my lunch which I eat almost religiously at 12pm. During this time I often think about the culinary pleasures that have enriched my life and recently I’ve really been spoiling myself. My previous post hinted at my favourite travel destinations South Korea and Japan so this months I’ve sampled some of London’s finest Korean and Japanese cuisine. Firstly I finally made it to Jinjuu in Soho, the brainchild of TV chef Judy Joo, who also creates menu’s for Gordon Ramsey. This place is a far cry from many of the traditional restaurants I visited in South Korea with a trendy bar ( I spent my first night there dancing with the DJ), but the food is equally delicious. Jinjuu is the place for a modern fun night of signature Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and fried chicken ( I was surprised how popular fried chicken is in the country but its actually everywhere- and nothing like KFC thankfully!)





Then I headed to Tenshi in Angel (not on the same night- or even the same week!) for some heartwarming Japanese grub. I have moments when my stomach can only tolerate warm comforting food so I opted for Gyu Don- rice with thinly sliced cooked beef which I was surprised to see is very similar to bibimbap- I was clearly having a rice and beef craving. In comparison it was equally full of flavour absorbed beautifully by the veg (making me feel healthy) but the beef was slightly more thinly sliced which I loved. This place is not the best location for sufferers of food envy like myself. Even though I was craving hot food the sushi platters surrounding me looked spectacular and I couldn’t help but stare wide eyed. Will definitely be going back for Sushi.


Gyu Don


Octopus balls

Finally I had to mention some of my favourite treats at Broadway market where I do my market stall for . This is just a quick mention of a couple of things I’ve tried recently but over the past few months I’ve seen , tasted and LOVED so much of the food there so I will do a fuller post on it soon! For now here’s a taster.

Bad Brownie moved back to the school Yard just a few spots down from me so I couldn’t resist! I went for what is officially Londons best brownie, salted caramel flavour with a caramel layer!

IMG_20150314_131134029[1] IMG_20150314_131708581

Who knew you could do so much with Marshmallows like making cakes and filling them with lemon curd. Dulci Bella are clearly experts!

IMG_20150314_101925403 IMG_20150314_101919593