Dreaming of Ibiza and Formentera


Now that winter has properly arrived here in London it seems like the perfect moment to mentally revisit my Ibiza and Formentera break – a girls trip this September. Its definitely helping me get over my winter blues even if I’m now am itching to be transported to any hot place with a beach right now. For now the pics will have to do. My trip wasn’t the typical 18 to 30’s clubbing venture and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more the island has to offer. The landscape is dramatic and the north of the island- where we stayed is calm and serene. Plus I even got to do business when visiting the famous hippy market, Punta Arabi, in Es Canar. I brought some amazing pieces back for my market stall at Broadway market‘s schoolyard and will be also adding them soon to www.realmoftreasure.com

Amazing scenery near the Punta Arabi market of Es Canar


Punta Arabi

IMG_20150909_110850991_HDR  IMG_20150909_095720882

Hotel Beach

IMG_20150908_135552839 IMG_20150908_145019170  IMG_20150908_153256436

Giant cocktails


Getting the boat from the harbour to FormenteraIMG_20150909_133220166  IMG_20150909_133555589_HDR IMG_20150909_133633678_HDR IMG_20150909_133807159_HDR

Beautiful but weird and desert like FormenteraIMG_20150909_150437034 IMG_20150909_150117429

Salt lakes- this is how the make it – the trip was even educational


Stunning Formentera beach

IMG_20150909_151716127 IMG_20150909_174359455 IMG_20150909_174654533 IMG_20150909_174844380 IMG_20150909_182838451

Famous Formentera sunsetIMG_20150909_191233815 IMG_20150909_190835004 IMG_20150909_190805008 IMG_20150909_190516203 IMG_20150909_190444195

Day party at Playa d’En Bossa for a tame bunch who couldn’t handle a proper Ibiza night out! Maybe next time?IMG_20150910_171706774

Me wearing an amazing necklace from the hippy market



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