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Graduate Fashion Week 2015, Centro / Ouverture


Even though the fashion calendar has swiftly moved on and I’ve currently been enjoying London Collections Men, LCM SS16, I still want to share the amazingness of my Graduate Fashion Week experience. My second show was the Ouverture / Centro school of Fashion in Mexico. Due to the vibrancy of Mexican culture I expected a colourful, and energetic show which is exactly what I got. There was a range of luxurious fabrics from floaty chiffons to cosy tweeds plus sculptural shapes and prints to suit all tastes. The only thing missing was a beach and Tequila!

IMG_20150602_111822598IMG_20150602_111842090 IMG_20150602_112011780 IMG_20150602_112039588 IMG_20150602_112101821 IMG_20150602_112128086 IMG_20150602_112209160 IMG_20150602_112229024 IMG_20150602_112422321 IMG_20150602_112442689 IMG_20150602_112501451 IMG_20150602_112723740 IMG_20150602_112905996 IMG_20150602_113016404 IMG_20150602_113141408 IMG_20150602_113339123 IMG_20150602_113523453 IMG_20150602_113635241 IMG_20150602_113902144 IMG_20150602_113945679 IMG_20150602_114010501 IMG_20150602_114057887 IMG_20150602_114216649 IMG_20150602_114319213


London Fashion Week AW14


Time flies, especially between fashion weeks and its that time of the year again. I can’t contain my excitement- I’ve been attending shows for the past 4 years and not getting bored of it yet. I hope I can keep attending until I need Anna Wintour’s technique of wearing sunglasses to hide her lack of enthusiasm ( which is fair enough if you’ve been attending so many shows for like a million years). I can’t imagine myself not loving fashion week though ( am picturing myself rocking up as a fashionista granny, full of energy).

Any ways you can follow my fashion week escapades on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and I’m also on Blogloving. I’l also be writing for Noctis magazine. Happy fashion week!

My Fashion Hero; Alexander McQueen


As a fellow East Londoner (he was raised in Stratford before the Olympics were even thought of), its no surprise that Alexander McQueen was one of the realest people if not THE realest person in fashion. He was never one to hold his tongue or waterdown his often controversial opinions and even went as far as dissing Armani and Versace. Fortunately unlike most people Lee Alexander was one of the few people who could get away with such critique due to his immense level of talent. Am not one to usually listen to hype but Alexanders’ legendary status in the fashion industry is definitely not down to a clever PR strategy – his PR probably spent a lot of time dealing with crisis communications! He was a true innovator, pioneer and whilst he often shocked I believe he was genuinely expressing his complex mind rather than aiming to get attention grabbing headlines. He is definitely the only high profile fashion designer to use a double amputee on the runway, Aimee Mullins, and then refuse to invite Victoria Beckham to the show lest she detract attention from the Paralympian. This decision secures his position as one of my fashion heroes. So I was lucky enough to be in New York at the time of the exhibition, Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011. It was two years ago, but as the name of this blog suggests I have moments where I like to take my time and reflect before acting. Plus I’d like to share the snaps I took with my readers instead of simply going over them from time to time in my own little moments of admiration. I also found some snaps of some my fave Mc Queen catwalk shows and his crazy armadillo shoes. At a time when I’m facing my own personal loss I can imagine how hard it is for his friends and family to have lost such a strong character. May his spirit continually live on through his creations. RIP.









alex 2

alex 3

alex 6

alex 7


To get a glimpse into the real character of the one and only Lee Alexander McQueen I reccommend reading these precious interviews with his mother on the Guardian; http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2004/apr/20/guesteditors , and with David Bowie in Dazed and Confused; http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2004/apr/20/guesteditors .

Fashion Fights Trafficking


There are some great people in my world that are putting their flair for fashion to good use in the fight against human trafficking. I know statistics can be overwhelming so I’ll stick to two which speak volumes; there are 27 million trafficking victims worldwide of which the average age is 12! It really is a problem that needs major attention and whilst ordinary people like me can’t do much individually to change it even simple gestures like raising awareness are significant. I was lucky enough to attend two great anti trafficking events this year.


I remember Fashion Stops Traficking which took place in January at the Star and Garter bar in Putney, like it was yesterday. It was one of the first and best events I’ve attended this year! Guests were able to browse and shop some gorgeous sustainable and second hand / vintgage clothes so I was in heaven from the start. My highlights were browsing the stunning designer vintage classics- Prada and Gucci eat your hear out-from The Showroom Online. Then on another stand I managed to bag myself a preloved D&G dress for a steal (people keep telling me to stop saying how cheap my bargains are so I’ll leave you guessing). There were also nail treatments, massages and cupcakes for sale with proceeds going towards the A21 campaign, an inspirational charity that rescues and supports trafficking victims in addition to campaigning and much more!



The lovely singer / songwriter Aimee Mutambo blessed us with her angelic voice.

boomer dress

Zoe Boomer

showroom jacket

showroom jumpsuit

The Showroom Online

The evening was rounded off with a catwalk show, lots of live music from up and coming singers and rappers, an auction and raffle, more shopping and general good times. Planning on christening my dress next week!

photo (48)

The second anti trafficking event was thee Eaden London launch party at the Arlington conference centre in Camden last week. In addition to raising awareness of human trafficking the event introduced Eaden London which is a platform for consumers to find information about sustainable fashion. Money was also raised for the Arlington which is a charity supporting homeless people so it was an all round feel good evening! Guests enjoyed shopping, a catwalk show and some good tunes from Supakid & Go‘s Raf who was on the decks throughout the night.



Cute button jewelry from Fabric of Humanity

photo (33)

photo (36)

Me and my pledge not to ‘buy stuff just cos its on sale’ – I’ve stuck to it so far but its only been a week ( my discounted fruit buys today don’t count.).

I’m looking forward to attending more anti trafficking events and learning more about what I can do to help reach the goal of making the abomination of human trafficking a thing of the past- even if its not in my lifetime. Am excited to announce here that I have spoken to a fantastic anti trafficking brand, Beulah London (Kate Middleton’s favourite ethical brand), and will be publishing the interview here soon- watch this space!