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International Women’s Day; My Fabulous 5


International Womens Day which was celebrated this Sunday, March 8th, got me thinking about who my female role models are. I don’t pay too much attention to celebrities and at the same time I’m not aware of many of the most amazing activists so with my limited knowledge I gathered some inspiring girls / women who have varied achievements but are equally awesome.

Janelle Monae is one of the quirkiest musicians I know- her style and sound doesn’t easily fit into any category and is truly unique. She has most definitely not conformed to the requirements expected of many up and coming artists as she rose to fame when still wearing her signature black and white Tuxedo- and wouldn’t be seen in anything else for a considerable amount of time. She later attributed the look to her parents who wore uniforms in their humble jobs, one of them being a caretaker (Janitor). She mentioned this at her very moving BET awards speech giving the world an insight into the authenticity of her character, someone proud of her humble beginnings and never boastful of her huge accomplishments! And her hair- no words to describe how cool it is!



The Savages are the polar opposite to your typical girl band and are in fact the only indy / rock girl band that I know of (which could be partially down to my limited knowledge of the genre to be fair). They definitely have their own simple style and make a point of being known solely for their music, demonstrated for their love of classic black and white photography. I was lucky enough to met one of the members at a wedding a while back and once again her humility was her defining characteristic along with friendliness. I was shocked to learn she was in a rock band let alone one taking the world by storm. The Savages have just finished a residency at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NYC, have performed on the Jimmy Fallon show and will be playing at Latitude festival this year amongst many other shows. Oh and Questlove (The Roots) is a fan and you can’t get cooler than that!

Savages 4 Savages 6

I had to include Sophia Amoruso, founder of one of my fave etailers, NastyGal. her achievements are close to my heart as I would be over the moon if my boutique Realm of Treasure achieved a fraction of the success that this lady has. She’s also giving us aspiring ones a blueprint with her book Girl Boss which is soon to become my study manual! She started with an Ebay store selling vintage and now has a multimillion pound business and is one of the fastest growing retailers in the US!

Sophia 2Sophia 6

Malala Yousefzai is globally recognized as one of the bravest people on the planet. She actually started off as a blogger at the age of 11 writing about her passionate desire for girls in her homeland of Pakistan to remain in School. Her village was a Taliban base and these animals attempted to kill her in 2012 but she was destined for greater things and survived a bullet in the head! She has since been the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Travels around the world campaigning for girl’s education and she was particularly active in the bring back our girls campaign, even meeting the Nigerian president. She has unsurprisingly been nominated as one of the worlds most influential people by Time Magazine. I get chills down my spine thinking of Malala’s story, what she has achieved and imagining what she is going to accomplish i future. She was one of the people that came to my mind when I took part in Plan UK’s give child marriage the finger campaign and I’ll be eagerly following her no doubt inspirational next steps.



Last but not least is Lupita Nyongo who whilst has become celebrated for her striking beauty, is also a talented actress who rose to fame after co starring in 12 years a slave, the film for which she became one of the few black, let alone African, men or women to receive an Academy Award, Golden Globe and a Bafta. She has the envious combination of brains and beauty being an Ivy League graduate (Yale). She has also produced and directed a documentary the experience of Albino’s in her homeland, Kenya. Like most of the women I love, she is also challenging conventional standards of beauty and recently gave a moving speech about the insecurities she faced  as a youth, when she was tempted to use skin lightening cream, a common practise amongst many black and Asian people. She herself was inspired to accept her own glorious skintone by the stunner supermodel Alex Wek and has in turn passed on the baton encouraging us all to be happy in our own skin. I’ll leave you with the final beautiful words of her speech; ‘And so I hope that my presence on your screens and in the magazines may lead you, young girl, on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. There is no shade in that beauty. ‘


Lupita 7



LFW AW14; Fresh vs Seasoned


The Well Seasoned

Fashion Scout always features  number of established designers who have been producing catwalk shows for several years and have built a loyal following including myself.

The first of these was Ashley Isham who is the go to for red carpet looks but this collection contained a lot of chic pieces that could be worn on a daily basis. His pieces have been worn by Florence Welch, Kylie Minogue, Zara Philips and Lady Gaga. See my full catwalk review for Noctis Magazine.


IMG_2087 IMG_2083 IMG_2060 IMG_2051

Bernard Chandrand‘s stunning collections always have me stunned for words and this season I was practically drooling over each of his creations. I adored the use of luxurious silks and leathers combined with ingenious clear inserts in area that flatter  the natural shape of a woman. His clever use of colour blocking should have made rising star Lupita Nyongo pay attention as she continues to be a major proponent of this trend. I would love to see her in one of the pieces from this collection! Veteran jouralists Hilary Alexander and Suzy Menkez were on the front row.

IMG_1960 IMG_1951 IMG_1946 IMG_1938 IMG_1914 IMG_1904 IMG_1886 IMG_1878

Former rock star Pam Hogg showed an array of her signature catsuits which have been worn by Kate Moss, Rihanna and Kelly Rowland. Whilst she has been known in the past for making political statements with her clothes, this collection saw an official partnership with Amnesty International to protest the situation in Russia, in particular the cause of Pussy Riot and the anti gay laws. Camp men strutted down the catwalk as did regular sized models, although the usual female glamazonians were also in the show- of course. See my backstage interview with Pamm Hogg here.

IMG_1835 IMG_1833 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1828

The Freshly Pressed

Fashion Scout is renowned for introducing new talent as it is where many f the greats like McQueen started off.

The Ones to Watch showcase in particular selects the best of recent graduates, who are chosen by a panel including founder Martyn Roberts. This years show included neon colours, quirky shapes and giant backpacks.

George Styler

IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1812 IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1805

Hiroko Nakajima (below)

IMG_1804 IMG_1803 IMG_1802 IMG_1800

Spotted- Susie Bubble (above)

IMG_1796 IMG_1795

Carrie-Ann Stein

IMG_1793 IMG_1790 IMG_1782

Sarah Ryan

IMG_1777 IMG_1773 IMG_1761

Jamie Wei Huang showcased for the first time after winning the Designer for Tomorrow Awards last year which provided full sponsorship for her first catwalk show At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Her collection features clean lines, wide leg trousers, box cuts and an abundance of straps.

IMG_1744 IMG_1741 IMG_1725 IMG_1721 IMG_1719