Ode to Erykah Badu; Queen E


It was love at first sight since I first saw Erykah Badu’s first single, on & on, TV many moons ago. I was hypnotized by her unique beauty and sound and have been a lifelong fan as have the rest of my family ever since. She is an artist through to the bone and expresses herself through all art forms. Erykah is without a doubt my number 1 style icon as she really brings the phrase wearable art to life- even if sadly I won’t be copying her looks due to being a bit less on the eccentric side- she still encourages me to be different and celebrate my unique qualities-  regardless however obvious or subtle they are. Her music has provided a sound track for the past 20 years of my life and has enhanced my best and soothed my worst moments. Queen E, I salute you and have a blessed birthday. Love and peace!

erykah 16erykah2erykah7erykah5erykah4erykah10

Killing the Givenchy campaign!


With my other love; Janelle Monae


With hottie Frank Ocean (I know hes gay- I think?-but one can dream)

erykah 19erykah 11

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