London Fashion Week AW15; The Warm Up


My London Fashion Week experience has been less busy than usual but equally enjoyable. It kicked off on Thursday with a few pre – events including the amazing London College of Fashion MA exhibition. LCF MA Fashion grads are under a humungous amount of pressure to produce mystical wonders and they somehow manage to live up to these high expectations. There were visual treats of all kinds from Dali inspired abstract bags to shoes that could pass for mini wearable sculptures-  (not sure how wearable in reality). I was in awe of everything!


IMG_20150219_171939259IMG_20150219_172846852IMG_20150219_171533279 IMG_20150219_173034815 IMG_20150219_173055163  IMG_20150219_173122649 IMG_20150219_173144333 IMG_20150219_173156639 IMG_20150219_173225955 IMG_20150219_173220455 IMG_20150219_173210132 IMG_20150219_173320894  IMG_20150219_173522781 IMG_20150219_173539237 IMG_20150219_173543858 IMG_20150219_173630186 IMG_20150219_173609224 IMG_20150219_173552008 IMG_20150219_173639517 IMG_20150219_173646387 IMG_20150219_173653099

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