London Fashion Week AW14; The Showcases



London Fashion Week has a million and 1 showcases and presentations but these ones really will stay in my mind for a while.

Soropol, the brand which is known extravagance and drama, as is co founder Daniel Lismore, created a fantasy world with atmospheric rooms dotted with cool models draped in luxurious silks, with bold gold and silver embellishments, sparkles and the full works. This Season was a lot  more wearable than their SS15 catwalk show featuring huge Victorian style ball gowns inspired by French African Queens, but just as stunning. They also treated us to Champagne and canapés set in a cool art gallery in Soho so no effort was spared in creating a little world of luxury which I could definitely get used to!

IMG_20150220_185450041 IMG_20150220_185511779  IMG_20150220_185611471




One of my highlights of London Fashion week was seeing Typical Freaks in the Fashion Scout Showcase in Covent Garden. They also do jewellery and I have been  stocking their funky bling for for a while although most of it has unsurprisingly sold out. I’m so excited to have planned a new order of their latest jewellery and clothing which I’ll be selling on Broadway market , The School Yard, in time for spring / summer!


IMG_20150222_142739728 IMG_20150222_142804936 IMG_20150222_143227812 IMG_20150222_143255474

GF Hawthorne‘s fun designs took me back to my childhood albeit an imagined much more stylish childhood than in reality. Maybe I can now understand what my mum was aiming for when dressing me in lime green as Hawthorne makes this colour look like the coolest thing ever with her tassled crop top 2 piece set. I’m also obsessed with the raincoat with little pockets of blue water and embellished penguins- its just an overload of cuteness but still high fashion- which is an impressive feat.

IMG_20150222_143437977 IMG_20150222_143846517 IMG_20150222_143730160 IMG_20150222_143700531 IMG_20150222_143520850

J Moon also used ingenuity to create pieces allowing the wearer to be extremely warm and even more stylish. I’ve rarely seen such beautiful knitwear and especially something that looks somewhat practical- (I attended Mark Fast a few seasons back but his knitwear is only for superficial purposes- its gorgeous so fits this purpose quite well). Being someone who personally hates the cold and who hates to compromise on comfort- even though I have some fashionista moments where I force myself, this collection ticked all my boxes! I love the geometrical shapes, the warm and bold colours and perfect tailoring. J Moon was one of the designers in the Ones to Watch show also at  Fashion Scout and I will definitely be watching to see whats next! Oh and did I mention she’s South Korean- my favourite country on the planet- and bursting with design talent. I could go on forever about my love for this collection but I’ll stop here.

IMG_20150222_144036536 IMG_20150222_144258830 IMG_20150222_144714064 IMG_20150222_144801593  IMG_20150222_145818043 IMG_20150222_145104256 IMG_20150222_145039970

Fashion Scout is an exhibition plus fashion shows featuring  up and coming designers, usually recent graduates and its where a lot the big names start so I’m always happy to be a part of it and can’t wait til the next season!


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