Newly Discovered Finds for Realm of Treasure


Its one of my favourite times of the year, spring tradeshow time and I’ve been a busy bee having a blast trawling through a jewellery lovers paradise. I’ve found some exciting new handmade jewellery for which I am currently testing out on Broadway market, in the School Yard and on myself. Top Drawer and Spring Fair International brought the worlds finest makers to one place in London’s Kensington Olympia and Birmingham’s NEC and led to the discovery of the below treasures. I’d love to know what you think!

Handmade in Turkey



IMG_20150201_132315595[1] IMG_20150201_132250953[1]

Recycled Rubber Jewellery handmade in Indonesia

IMG_20150111_165748056[1] IMG_20150111_165741883[1] IMG_20150111_165735697[1]

24Karat gold plated Jewellery handmade in Devon

IMG_20150111_150211165[1] IMG_20150111_150143278[1] IMG_20150111_150129305[1] IMG_20150111_150135664[1]

AT Broadway Market




Quality Testing paired with vintage maxi dress from Broadway market of course



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