Realm of Treasure at Broadway Market


Am excited that has now started a regular occupancy at Broadway Markey in London Fields, Hackney, which is in my humble opinion the best market in London’s East End and one of the best in London! Broadway has all of my favourite things in one place; amazing food, cool vintage and quirky handmade jewellery and crafts. Am happy to be contributing to some of the amazing handmade jewellery that can be found there and have been motivated to find some fantastic new suppliers to meet the demands of the discerning and lovely customers. I’m currently in the School Yard which is just round the corner from the main street and opposite the park so if ever in the area coma and say hi!

You can follow my movements on Facebook , twitter @realmoftreasure and instagram.




IMG_20141213_103452641[1] IMG_20141213_103504597[1] IMG_20141213_103518720[1] IMG_20141213_103526560[1]  IMG_20141213_142144602[1]  IMG_20141206_103757133[1] IMG_20141206_103721488[1] IMG_20141206_103727121[1] IMG_20141206_103652369[1]



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