The Last Straggler Travels; Corfu



I’ve been blessed to have been to some beautiful places this year in the UK and abroad and Corfu was definitely one of the best I’ve visited so far. The stunning landscape lived up to what I’d heard about the amazing scenery of the Greek Islands. My mum , who is usually busy with her charity work in St Lucia;, and I stayed in a small resort in a part called Kanoni which is in the same area that the Queens hubby, Prince Philip was born (amused by the fact the our Royals are Greek and German). Our hotel, Corfu Holiday Palace, was situated opposite the famous Mouse Island where Austrian Empress Sisi used to sit and chill. I can see why she chose the cute island which is one of the most peaceful places on earth with its monastery and now an additional pet dog and peacock to add a bit of excitement. One of the nicest parts of the trip which unfortunately can not be captured in pictures was the warmth of the lovely native people who made us feel so welcome and sad to leave. Everything else can be seen here;


Monastery adorned with Peacock on Mouse Island



Shuttle boat from hotel to Mouse Island



Hotel beach

IMG_2563IMG_2562 IMG_2561IMG_2541   IMG_2535

A sea front cafe in Kassiopi with views of the Albanian coast

IMG_2529IMG_2532 IMG_2522 IMG_2520 IMG_2505 IMG_2504


Picture perfect landscape and monastery (with peacocks) of Paleokastritsa

IMG_2497 IMG_2490 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2476 IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2472 IMG_2468 IMG_2467IMG_2457


Corfu Town

IMG_2424 IMG_2426 IMG_2419 IMG_2404 IMG_2399 IMG_2388IMG_2383 IMG_2375

Monastery and Mouse Island opposite hotel



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