That Time Again; LCM SS15


Time flies and it feels like the last London Collections; Men was just yesterday. SS15 kicked off this weekend and ended yesterday. I was in NYC for  the start and had to go back to my day job on return so couldn’t attend as much as I’d like but I eagerly followed reports of show from the likes of Burberry, Alexander  McQueen, E Tautz and A Sauvage. Luckily I was able to attend a couple of shows and a presentation and since I had such a fun holiday (blog coming soon) it was the perfect way to combat the usual holiday blues- which I’ve not yet experienced and that’s a first!

Casely Hayfords second LCM show was very different from its first with darker colours, more muted prints and geometric shapes, but was equally amazing. Once again there was a star studded front row including Florence Welch, Daisy Lowe and cast from Made in Chelsea.


La Corde D’or show included an eclectic mix of quality tailoring with a twist and cool sports chic looks. I’m still lusting after the electric blue raincoat- I have a penchant for stylish  English weather appropriate pieces!

IMG_20140617_185208495_HDRIMG_20140617_185243570_HDR IMG_20140617_185303653_HDR IMG_20140617_185321267_HDR IMG_20140617_185338860_HDR IMG_20140617_185359239_HDR IMG_20140617_185419988_HDR IMG_20140617_185448478_HDRIMG_20140617_185526812_HDRIMG_20140617_185601979_HDR IMG_20140617_185622494_HDRIMG_20140617_185148225_HDR IMG_20140617_185642501_HDR IMG_20140617_185701062_HDR IMG_20140617_185721299_HDR

The Lewis and Leigh presentation showcased designs from Beau Homme, Clara Martin and Chelsea Bravo. I love how the bold pieces stood out against the backdrop of the whitewashed room appropriately named the Icetank in Soho.

IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2651 IMG_2652


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