London Fashion Week AW14; Swiss Showcase


During LFW I had the opportunity to visit my first Swiss fashion showcase at a hotel in Mayfair. I didn’t know what to expect especially when seeing the venue which was steeped in English tradition. The collection, however couldn’t have been more modern, including a beautiful range of sexy and sophisticated outfits, perfect for glamorous fashionistas. I’m very grateful to Shooting Beauty, a platform for creative networking, for inviting me to this event and opening my eyes to Swiss fashion which is definitely something I had never thought about and I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst the fashion worlds eyes are now on France for Paris Fashion Week, I hope someone will spare a thought for her understated Swiss neighbour.


I wore a knitted dress with necklace from, and Melissa Vivienne Westwood wellies. My fashion choice are always accommodating to the UK weather!

IMG_2338 IMG_2340 IMG_2342 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2352  IMG_2368IMG_2356 IMG_2360  IMG_2370

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