Realm of Treasure Online Shop Launch


To all my lovely followers I’ve missed you all this past month where I’ve not been blogging to to travels (to be blogged soon) and most excitingly I’ve been setting up my first webshop selling sparkly delights from around the globe. Realm of Treasure was founded with a view to allow customers to express their individuality through wearing rare or one of a kind jewellery and accessories but with out the price tag that often comes with trying to be unique.  I have also catered to all tastes with a huge variety of products ranging from jewellery made by tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, Fair trade pieces made in India,  and statement pieces handmade in Indonesia. I’ll also be holding regular competitions on here and on my webshop blog which is coming soon so watch this space!

My preloved jewellery, bags and shoes:

68683 68672


Fair trade Collection (below)68653


Pieces handmade in the UK by Lily King (below)




Collection Handmade in Indonesia (below)




Brazilian Tribal Jewellery (below)

68604   68566



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