What’s your jewelry style?

eclectic 4

Hey guys. I’m working on a little jewelry project right now and need your help with a quick survey. Please look at the pics below and answer the questions if you can. You can either answer them in the comment or email zaenamiller@yahoo.com. Would love to pick you jewelry brains!



eclectic 4 eclectic 5 eclectic shock 2


just trade 1 just trade 2 just trade 3


lili1 lili2 lili3


shared 2 shared 3 shared 4

1. What price range would you pay for each row; £0-5,   £5-10,    £10-15,    £15-20,    £20-25,    £25-30 ?

2. Which row is your most and least favourite out of 1-4?

3. Where do you usually buy jewelry and bags?

4. How much do you spend on average on individual jewelry purchases?

5. How often do you buy jewelry?

6. How important are ethical factors in your jewelry purchase decision- ie being fair trade, eco friendly?


  1. Chinélo Nkiruka Awa

    1. Row 1: £5-10; Row 2: £0-5; row 3: £10-15; Row 4: £4-6
    2. Most favourite: Row 3; Least favourite: Row 2
    3. in store
    4. It varies depending on the jewellery. The most I have spent is £25 and the least is £2 🙂
    5. O dear! Quite often – especially earrings
    6. Not very important. It isn’t something I think of or consider when buying jewellery. that said I would hesitate to purchase jewellery from a company known for it’s ethical violations like using child labour.

  2. Fashion Mayann

    1. Row 1 £25-30, Row 2 £10-15, Row 3 £25-30, Row 4 £20-25.
    2. Most favourite : Row 3, Least favourite : Row 2.
    3. In French stores (Jean Paul Gaultier for jewelry, Sonia Rykiel for bags).
    4. Around 300 euros.
    5. Once a year.
    6. Ethical factors aren’t really important to me (they would be if I bought diamonds though …), as far as jewelry is concerned (even if I’m eco-friendly for food, transport, etc…).
    I hope that helps ! You didn’t ask but the black-and-red necklace on Row 3 is my favorite !

  3. aliceinmalta

    I just saw this post, hope I’m still on time to help 😉
    1. Row 1 £10-15 – Row 2 £5-10 – Row 3 £25-30 – Row 4 £10-15
    2. Most favourite row for me is n.3 (it is very different), but I also like row 4, least favourite row 1 (just because it is not my style)
    3. I try to find shops that are really particular and sell rare or handmade stuff or at stalls in markets
    4. On average 20 euros
    5. I buy jewelry every time I find really nice stuff, or if I need a special item for a certain outfit.
    6. Ethical factors for me are quite important, and I try to avoid buying items that are made by mistreatment and unsafe materials. Also, I always find very interesting finding really nice items that are ecofriendly

  4. joy

    1. Row 1 £5–10 Row 2 £5-10 – Row 3 £5-10 – Row 4 £10-15
    2. Most favourite row for me is row 4 least favourite row 2
    3. In shops where i can find what i want to buy
    4. On average 15 – 20 £
    5. twice a year
    6. I dont really take that into consideration

  5. Tayo

    1.all rows except 2, £10-15. Row 2 5-10
    2. Row 4=fave, 2 least fave
    3. Markets especially abroad, charity shops n Accessories
    4. £12? Most I’ve spent £25 on a bracelet bt wud spend more if I loved it and was good quality
    5. As when I see something I like which can be often..varies
    6. Don’t really consider it but may be more inclined to support/buy and ethical brand if emphasised as part of ethos and its not overpriced just because it is ethical

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