I Love Hackney; Summer Pop Ups Galore


Holly Fulton

Am lucky enough to live in the London Borough that contains the coolest area on the planet according to Italian Vogue, Dalston. However I love most areas of Hackney- even my less trendy area, where the predominant fashion is long black cloaks and bearskin hats due to the large Orthodox Jewish population. I still love that I can pop down the road into Dalston and other ‘cool’ corners of the borough and this summer has really been a sartorial treat. In addition to my local charity shops which have seen way too much of me I also got to see an array of some of Londons finest up and coming designers in a couple of fabulous pop up shops; The Hackney Shop and Dalston Department Store.

The Hackney Shop is situated on the renowned Morning Lane which also hosts the Burberry and Pringle outlet store which I’d been meaning to visit for years (that the London curse of there being too many places to see in a lifetime). So I finally visited the Outlets but the contents of The Hackney Shop were definitely more my style due to bold colours, prints, shapes and a lot easier on the wallet.








Atalanta Weller shoes


Holly Fulton Jewelry


Holly Fulton Jewelry and Atalanta Weller shoes

.SAM_1026 SAM_1027

James Long




Holly Fulton

The Dalston Department Store is truly a hidden gem as it is situated on some God forsaken backstreet which looks a bit uninviting, but when I entered it was like stepping into another realm. The pop up has a mixture of vintage, independant brands and even some botanical cocktails were on offer.






Cocktails from Dead Dolls Club


SAM_1063 SAM_1065 SAM_1066 SAM_1067

Collections from e boutique Sapelle

Both Pop Ups are still open and regularly showcasing new brands (although Daston Dep Store is closed for a bit at the moment). I would definitely recommend a visit whilst they are open and am hoping that they could become permanent Hackney landmarks.



  1. RispainStyle

    Wow the Yellow dress tells a story and looks to have a soft feel, I like the black shoe, with the black and white striped sole, makes me wonder how I would look in them(can I call them striped boxes?)

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