Debut Contemporary; Fair Fashion and Art

This evening at Debut Contemporary comprised two my favourite things ethical fashion and art, so I was completely in my element. Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill aways showcases funky and innovative art and the vibe is always relaxed so that someone that doesn’t know that much about art like myself can feel at ease. The gallery teamed up with an excellent organisation, Fashion Compassion, which works with a select number of cool ethical brands some of which were showcased on the night. I was like a kid in a candy shop taking in the stunning art work whilst coveting all the cool accessories and jewelry. On top of that there was the feel good factor as all of the brands are eco or support community projects around the globe.

SAM_1421 SAM_1422 SAM_1423

Bags buy Rags2Riches, a social enterprise in the Philippines.

debut 7

debut 2

debut 11

Abo London eco friendly scarves

debut 1

debut 8

debut 4

BACA jewelry supports a range of worldwide charitable organisations

debut 6

debut 3

debut 10

SUPU is handcrafted by Kenya’s Masai tribe- I know how cool is that!

debut 9

The closest I’ll get to meeting Tinie Tempah



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