Icon Series; VV Brown


Am so excited to be writing this post after having such a long break as life has been life and got in the way. Now I’ve decided its time for live to move over for a sec so I can get back to blogging! So I thought I’d come back with a post about one of my favourite personalities, a fashion icon and general inspiration in many ways. I was lucky enough to win a competition to get on VV Brown‘s guestlist for a gig she did last month at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in Shoreditch. I’d never seen her live before and really loved the fusion of different sounds that don’t really fit into a strict music category. She definitely got the lively crowd going especially when playing classics such as Shark in the Water. I had a quick chat with the uber friendly lady before the show and she even introduced me to her beau before posing in one of the most loved up pics I’ve ever seen- too cute.








Me in vintage bag and top and shoes taken from my grandad in some sort of deal.

VV Brown shares my love of vintage and has set up the coolest online store, VV Vintage. She seems to effortlessly combine her love of music and fashion and on top of that  shes also a brainiac. I’m dreaming of a world where more female musicians will be celebrated for their intelligence just as much as for their looks, if not more. I was very impressed to learn that VV Brown had been offered a place to study law at Oxford University. She bravely chose to pursue music instead. As someone who has studied law and then chosen to pursue a creative path I can definitely understand that decision and imagine that she has no regrets. Now in addition to running her online shop she has been the face of Marks & Spencer advertising campaigns (UK department store), is one of the judges at the prestigious WGSN Global Fashion Awards, has catwalked for Naomi Campbell’s charity fashion show, and has played at Glastonbury. Samson and Delilah, her new album will be released in September. Here are some of my faves from VVVintage.

base_img_1961_crop_medium (1) base_img_2243_crop_medium base_img_2610_medium bse0038a_medium bse0113_1a_1_medium bseMary_lk7__064_medium bseSophie_lk4_001_medium

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