Never ending talent; Graduate Fashion Week


So here’s my last post on graduate fashion week and am glad am writing it a little while after the event finished as its refreshing to remember just how amazing the showcase was. My last day was particularly exciting because industry veteran Colin McDowell interviewed one of the most iconic UK based designers, Mary Katranzou. It was great to learn more about her background and learn interesting facts like her mother being an interior designer and owning a factory in Greece. Also her structural designs are no doubt influenced by her year spent studying architecture before she pursued a career in fashion.

Once again the talent from graduates seemed never ending and I got lost in a world of funky prints, quirky shapes, bold colours, varied textures, surreal shoes and even found a cool magazine created by students. I truly believe I witnessed some of the best designs I’ve ever seen at Graduate Fashion Week and I look forward to hearing about the graduates I met in the future as I hope and expect that a lot of them will definitely be making their mark in the fashion industry.





University of Edinburgh College of  Art


De Montford University

IMAG0575 IMAG0577

University of South Wales Newport


Carmarthenshire College


IMAG0581  IMAG0583    IMAG0587 IMAG0588 IMAG0589  IMAG0591 IMAG0592 IMAG0593

University of Northampton School of the Arts

IMAG0596 IMAG0599 IMAG0600 IMAG0601

Liverpool John Moores University

IMAG0602 IMAG0605  IMAG0608  IMAG0610 IMAG0611

UCA Rochester who created the beautiful Geist magazine with Shingai Shoniwa f the Noisettes on the cover

IMAG0619 IMAG0620 IMAG0621 IMAG0623

Instituto Marangoni London


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