Graduate Fashion Week; International Show

I had a very exciting start to the week as I attended the second day of Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court and watched the highly anticipated international show. The show was a collection of designers from twenty fashion schools from various corners of the earth. Its a great concept and a really cool experience. I’ll always be biased and in thinking that the UK as a lot of the world’s best design talent but was interested to see what the rest of the world had to offer. The show was anything but boring and was an eclectic mix of wearable to not so wearable and wacky styles. As expected the Scandinavian and Japanese designers were some of my favourites but I also loved the collections from Esmod Berlin which were a million times more edgy than most established German fashion brands such as Escada. Here are some of my highlights.






Esmod Berlin




Mimar Sinan Turkey


Istituto Marangoni Milan


Shih Chien Taiwan- this designer, Angus Chiang, won! Still reminds me of a psychedelic / fururistic cookie monster





Kolding Denmark



Fashion Institute of Technology Italy








Let me know your thoughts!



  1. 14mayvenus

    This is really interesting seeing the Bunka Gakuen stuff from Japan – as I’m here and experience this kind of fashion every day! The Japanese love their shapes don’t they? At least they have an area where they wear their outlandish clothes (Harujuku) but in London I’ve yet to see one. Great photos

      • 14mayvenus

        Harujuku style is particular to that area and worn by young teenagers. However … the more wearable fashion by fashion conscious women in their 20s 30s etc.. are a watered down version of the Bunka Gakuen stuff. Cuts, shapes, tailoring – all wow!

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  3. Tim Hards Vicente

    When I read this post when you posted it, I was intrigued by the Bunka Gakuen style mentioned and checked out the fashion-focussed university. They’ve got some nice pieces shown on their site. Since I’m learning to draw/paint, I tried a sketch of one of the items at the time, and redid it today. They’re not that great, but if you’re interested, you can see both versions here:

    Thanks for this post. You haven’t posted recently – have you given up, or are you just true to being the last straggler?

    • thelaststraggler

      Hi- thats great you found inspiration from the University- am not surprised. I’ve definitely not given up- just had a hectic period so am being the Last Straggler. Will be blogging soon about a recent trip to Japan and South Korea where the fashion and everything else was amazing. Thanks or getting in touch. Your sketches are great!

    • thelaststraggler

      Hi- thats great you found inspiration from the University- cool sketches! I haven’t given up- just being The Last Straggler as you guessed. Will be blogging soon about my recent trip to Japan and South Korea where the fashion was amazing amongst other things. Thanks for getting in touch! 🙂

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