The Loveable Diva; Kelis at Proud Camden


Pre concert Moroccan Dinner in Camden

This week I had the unforgettable experience of seeing one of my favourite singers and style icon, Kelis, at Proud Camden. I’ve loved Kelis since her debut album, Kaleidoscope, which I played on repeat for God knows how long when I was at school! So I jumped at the chance to see her play a small gig for the launch of Proud’s new club night, Get Lucky. The never ending wait for Kelis to come on almost put a damper on the evening but when she came on all smiles and full of energy I kind of forgot my former misery. She made a grand entrance wining to Beenie man with a cheeky glimmer in her eye and then started with one of my all time favourite Kelis tracks, Trick me. I was a little sad that she remixed my other favourite song, Get Along With You, but she turned it into a dubstep mix probably to fit in with the party vibe. I guess it was a bit much to expect her to play sombre songs just so I could reminisce about my teenage angst. It was a great performance, a little bit too short but I still left full of love for her. Kelis really has a unique tone to her voice which I’m a bit obsessed with (I even love her speaking voice). She doesn’t do those Whitney power notes but she’s got such a beautiful tone. I can’t think of anyone else that sounds similar which is rare for artists, and her live voice was just as good as her recorded music. Plus I was excited that we both wore similar style keyhole dresses with midlength sleeves (ok the hers was a million times more glam and wasn’t really that similar but I’d like to think we share the same taste as I love the way she dresses- even the new crazy Cruella Devil look!). The hair accessories she wore were also exactly what I would expect from Kelis, fun and funky and she even pulled of glittery thigh high boots without looking trashy (don’t try this at home guys). If it wasn’t for the lateness this would have been the perfect evening but it was still one of the highlights of my year and hoping I get to see her again.









Kelis didn’t know the words to her new track Jerk Ribs from her new album FOOD but at least her notebook was stylish






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