Breakin Convention; 10 Year Anniversary


This bank holiday Sunday I was given a complimentary ticket to the Breakin Convention at Sadlers Wells Theatre through a friend who was reviewing the event for SLIK Magazine. I’d heard about the convention but didn’t know too much about it. Now this momentous celebration of Hip Hop dance has got me hooked possibly for life. I am a lover of dance and have attended various classes of practically every type of dance throughout most of my life, but my first experience with breakdance was not great. I just remember not wanting to put my head on the floor and feeling very weak as I tried to to various plank like moves using my non existent arm strength. Despite this experience the breakin convention left me dreaming of being a hip hop dancer, especially when admiring the combined strength, femininity and sexiness of female crew Zamounda and the seductive Emilie Sudre (who danced half naked in heels but in a tasteful way). I’m not sure if I’ll take up breakdance but am definitely encouraged to continue the Hip Hop dance classes I started earlier on in the year. It rekindled my passion for dance and I was touched to see the diverse group of people from old ladies to young kids and entire families that were all brought together at Sadlers Wells to celebrate some of the worlds most talented and inspirational dancers.


Soweto Kinch with Olympic choreographer Kenrick and other dancers of Boy Blue Entertainment

SAM_0796 SAM_0823 SAM_0832 SAM_0833

The youngest members of this crew. Soul Mavericks, are the most adorable sister, only 5 and 9! (above)


Fierce and fabulous Zamounda


These guys used a technique called bone breaking to achieve extreme double jointed movements. Wonder if its as painful as it looks and sounds?

SAM_0893 SAM_0896


Emilie Sudre before she stripped off- can this this be a new dance craze- Breaking Burlesque


The legendary Electric Boogaloos.

SAM_0913 SAM_0915 SAM_0917 SAM_0919 SAM_0923 SAM_0924 SAM_0926 SAM_0952 SAM_0954 SAM_0958

My highlight was the the Ill abilities crew who all have disabilities such as deafness, amputated or incompletely formed limbs. These guys not only inspired me to continue dancing but also to pursue all of my passions and goals in spite of the obstacles I will inevitably face!


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