Master at Work; Rankin at Hyperlink Festival


Photography at its best

This weekend I had one of those moments where it really sinks in how great my city, London town really is.  In the whole of the EU there are free museums making the rich culture accessible to all but London took it to the next level with the Hyperlink festival at Tate Modern.  Hyperlink was a celebration of creativity with showcases, workshops and performances from the worlds of music, illustration, fashion and photography. It was aimed at 16 to 24 year olds and I’ve never seen so many teenagers in a museum in my life. The screaming girls during the Angel performance took me back to the good old days and I reminisced for a moment about my own often random teenage crushes ( Drassic from Heartbreak High- lol). However there was far more to the festival than me feeling old, with the main highlight being a free photography workshop with iconic photographer, Rankin! Yes you heard right. Participants received a makeover from a team of professionals and then had their photo taken by Rankin himself. They then assisted him with photoshopping the image and were after able to customize the printed photo with arts and crafts materials. The workshop was unsurprisingly fully booked but I got to take photos of Rankin taking photos and at work on photoshop. I even shot him a cheeky grin when he spotted me in the corner taking pics. I wanted to tell him about my desire to place a lonely hearts ad ‘fashion blogger seeks hot photographer boyfriend to take snaps on all occasions and be on call 24/7 ‘. I was tempted to ask him to do a shoutout to his photographer friends and team but didn’t think it was the right moment. I’ll have the balls if we ever cross paths again! I also met another talented fashion photographer, Tom Craig, the day before Hyperlink. I won a Vogue competition to see Craig’s exhibition at Louis Vuittons private apartment on New Bond St. I can’t publish pics until Vogue publish their coverage of Vogue Festival in their July issue but after will be doing posts on the exhibition, Tom Craig and a Rankin profile after he publishes the pics from Hyperlink in his magazine, Hunger TV. I think its ok for me to put a few here but watch this space for the rest.






Angel performing to a backdrop of stunning illustrations




Live graffiti artists at work inside Tate Modern


Cassette Playa’s Tshirt customisation workshop with inspiration from their fashion film



Cassette Playa’s film featuring Britain and Irelands Next Top Model winner Jade


  1. annaflow

    Thank you so much for the like on my blog, also because it’s been a mean for me to read you article and to live for a second in my favorite town in the world! I love London soooo much and when I go there I feel like it’s been my home, maybe in another life…who knows? A big embrace to you and ‘my’ City!

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