My Fashion Hero; Alexander McQueen


As a fellow East Londoner (he was raised in Stratford before the Olympics were even thought of), its no surprise that Alexander McQueen was one of the realest people if not THE realest person in fashion. He was never one to hold his tongue or waterdown his often controversial opinions and even went as far as dissing Armani and Versace. Fortunately unlike most people Lee Alexander was one of the few people who could get away with such critique due to his immense level of talent. Am not one to usually listen to hype but Alexanders’ legendary status in the fashion industry is definitely not down to a clever PR strategy – his PR probably spent a lot of time dealing with crisis communications! He was a true innovator, pioneer and whilst he often shocked I believe he was genuinely expressing his complex mind rather than aiming to get attention grabbing headlines. He is definitely the only high profile fashion designer to use a double amputee on the runway, Aimee Mullins, and then refuse to invite Victoria Beckham to the show lest she detract attention from the Paralympian. This decision secures his position as one of my fashion heroes. So I was lucky enough to be in New York at the time of the exhibition, Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011. It was two years ago, but as the name of this blog suggests I have moments where I like to take my time and reflect before acting. Plus I’d like to share the snaps I took with my readers instead of simply going over them from time to time in my own little moments of admiration. I also found some snaps of some my fave Mc Queen catwalk shows and his crazy armadillo shoes. At a time when I’m facing my own personal loss I can imagine how hard it is for his friends and family to have lost such a strong character. May his spirit continually live on through his creations. RIP.









alex 2

alex 3

alex 6

alex 7


To get a glimpse into the real character of the one and only Lee Alexander McQueen I reccommend reading these precious interviews with his mother on the Guardian; , and with David Bowie in Dazed and Confused; .



    This was a brilliant article, I loved reading every word of it. Never knew McQueen was from East London! He doesn’t create clothes, he created art. I feel Armani and Versace to be too commercial in comparison to the beautiful avante garde pieces he made. Thanks for posting!!

    P.s. would you like to follow each other?


  2. daisiesinbloomblog

    He was the one. Really, I believe we will have our new fashion heroes in a future, but it`s just as sad as it is to realize that he could continue being here, doing what he was always doing – creating, inspiring, pushing boundaries…

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  4. saraouteiral

    Your article was fantastic! i am afraid that genius as Alexander McQueen are only seen once in a lifetime…

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