Vintage Heaven; The Showroom Online

IMG_8340gold bag

Am still feeling inspired by the wonders of the Start up Showcase and it seems like entrepreneurial spirit is all around me. A great friend of mine, Michelle Holden, recently started an online vintage paradise, The Showroom Online. I have often coveted Michelle’s fabulous clothes over the years so was really excited to see what the e- boutique would be like and it didn’t disappoint. ‘I’ve been buying vintage and retro clothing for over a decade and throughout that time people seemed keen to know where I got that bag, dress or hat from’, explains Michelle. Well now her vintage gems are available to the rest of us!


1970’s Silk Studio Silk Jumpsuit


Vintage Kimono


1950’s Cocktail Dress


1940’s Black Ball Gown


The style of the website is minimal and chic unlike many online vintage shops which try to recreate that oldsy worldsy feel. I love that the clothes pop out at you as soon as you click on the website. The model is also seriously goooorgeous. If she doesn’t wanna make you buy clothes, I don’t know who else would.


1980′s Stanley Platos Dress and Longchamp Cream Bag


Vintage Gucci Leather Bag

Michelle; ‘I’m really inspired and intrigued by the craftsmanship in the vintage clothing and accessories especially pieces from the 20s and 30’s which really mark out a period of sophistication, things to really treasure’,


Dior 50’s Pearl & Ribbon Choker


1930’s New York Hat


1940’S Velvet Hat With Sequins


1980’s Marie Mercie Hat

I can’t wait to see more pieces added to the site. You can sign up to the newsletter for exclusive offers and discounts.


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