Interview With Beulah London; Glamour with Conscience

beulah 10

Beulah London have come leaps and bounds since they launched just in 2010! Being one of future queen’s Kate Middleton‘s favourite brands has obviously helped but there’s more to the brand than having a lovely royal muse. Some of their collections which ooze glitz and glamour are made by human trafficking victims in India and the brand was launched with the goal of drawing the worlds attention to this harrowing issue. Founders Lavinia Brennan and Natasha Rufus Isaacs met at their church, Holy Trinity Brompton, and they encountered the issue of human trafficking first hand when volunteering in an aftercare home, Atulya, in Delhi in 2009. With the worlds eyes being recently opened to the appalling treatment of women in India and the country’s  renowned slums and street children, the brand could not be more relevant than it is now! It is helping to turn a negative situation into a positive one and also enabling women to look stunning at the same time. A win win which is what we all love! The lovely ladies took some time out of their manic schedule to fill me in on how the brand has progressed in its short history!

LS.       Did you know the brand would be such a success when you first launched?

We set out to design dresses and raise awareness of Human Trafficking, we hoped it would be a success but we knew how tough the fashion industry was!

LS.       Do the Indian ladies who make the items have any idea of how successful it is; are they aware of your glamorous clientèle?

We work with two charities in India and are hoping to work with a few in the UK. We are unaware of how they perceive the brand but they know that we are a luxury, high end label.

Beulah 1

beulah 3

LS.       To what extent have you benefited from the Kate (Middleton) effect? Do you think she has helped to bring the concept of ethical fashion to the masses?

The Duchess of Cambridge is a beautiful person inside and out and we feel very honoured to have had her wear a couple of our pieces.

beulah 8

LS.       Who else do you have on your enviable customer list?

We have dressed a couple of celebrities, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Leona Lewis, Jessica Alba, Natasha Beddingfield, Tess Daly…

LS.       If you could choose one person in the world that you haven’t already dressed who would it be?

We would love to dress Queen Rania of Jordan

beulah 22

Leona Lewis performing in Beulah London

beulah 23

Livia Firth in Beulah London with the hubby

LS.       What do you think are the main qualities of Beulah London Ladies?

They are looking for timeless pieces with feminine aesthetics; effortless glamour.

beulah 4

beulah 5

Beulah staff looking jaw droppingly hot at a Bungalow 8 party

LS.       What inspired your SS13 collection?

It is called ‘Ephesians 6’ which is a passage in the Bible that talks of putting on armour and fighting against injustice. This was the inspiration. There are strong silhouettes within the collection and bold colours, whilst still trying to retain a sense of femininity and grace.




Beulah at London Fashion Week last month

LS.       What tips would you give to consumers who are trying to be more conscious about their fashion purchases (apart from buying Beulah London of course)?

Do some research into your purchases – considered buying. Consciously support brands/companies that are trying to make a difference as it is only through the consumers that their vision can become a reality.

What are the main challenges of running an ethical brand and what tips would you give to other fashion social entrepreneurs?

It is incredibly difficult as there are not many brands that are running ethically and so there are a lot of hurdles that small brands have to overcome. We have found sourcing of our silks incredibly difficult as trying to get the quality we need at a cost that doesn’t price us out of the market has been incredibly difficult to find – and we are still looking. Any tips…stick together and brainstorm with like minded people – if everyone works together to try and make a difference there can be a big impact.

LS.       Where do you see the brand in 10 years?

The vision is to become a recognised luxury fashion label, stocked internationally with our own flagship stores. We would like to be working with hundreds, if not thousands of women, helping them to rebuild their life and secure an alternative, sustainable livelihood. 

beulah 19


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