Diesel and Edun know how to throw an African Party!


Italian denim brand Diesel took an interesting turn and joined forces Edun, an ethical luxury brand pioneered by Bono’s  wife, Ali Hewson. Edun has a focus on encouraging trade and development in Africa; it works with and uses the the cotton from cotton farmers in North Uganda and also manufactures some collections in factories in Africa. Diesel has always prided itself on providing high quality and durable clothing with a large proportion of it being manufactured in Italy. So whilst the collaboration didn’t seem obvious at first it does make sense. Anyways am glad it happened partly due to the fact that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Diesel Village experience, a pop up store on Regent st with live music, complimentary food = happy times!



Sunday at Africa village included live performances such as the fierce rapper, Zaiio (Amazing jacket by KATAYOON), Ghanaian food, plus live radio by Dazed Digital spitting out some quality afrobeats! Plus like many of the events I’ve been to one of the best parts was the relaxed vibe- strangers talking like old friends and all enjoying the creative surroundings – us Londoners are not as cold as people think!






I love the way Diesel tried to recreate a village feel but in a modern way presenting the collections in these cute little huts- the Fufu and goat one even seems authentic but have yet to go to sub subsaran Africa so am not really the best judge. Me and a new dancer friend struck a pose outside on of the more modern huts- this one had more on a Scandi look  (I’ve been there so am not making wild assumptions.)



Sunday was hosted by fellow blogger, designer, artist and general creative Fred Butler. This inspirational lady took time out of her busy schedule collaborating with Swatch and designing accessories to help put on a great evening.


As always one of the highlights for me was the food! I went back to Diesel’s Africa village tonight for a pop up restaurant by Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and an out of this world performance on the drums of some hip hop classics by MckNastyMusic– I almost forgot I wasn’t in a club!






I’m wearing a second hand Liz Clairborne jumpsuit from the Scope charity shop opposite my flat with matching bag from the RSPCA charity shop down the road plus moc croc loafers that I convinced my grandad to give me! I’m the outfit in the www.style-is.co.uk competition fingers crossed!

Finally I struck a pose outside another hut- no countries to compare this one to.

Diesel Village will be having events open to all throughout April. Just sign up here or simply turn up at the regent st store. I cant wait to go back. The collection is also stunning and available to purchase.

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