H&M gets upgraded; New Flashy Flagship


I have to take my hat off to H&M for never failing to innovate. The past few years have seen it launch an eco friendly Conscious Collections, amazing designer collaborations and more recently a couture collection showcased a week ago at Paris Fashion Week. Whilst I was sad to not see the Paris show first hand am glad I got the chance to attend the first day of its Oxford St store relaunch party. The event was surprisingly relaxed with manageable crowds casually browsing the the store mixed with photographers and model looking types.




Busy blogger Susie Bubble collaborated with the store styling mannequins which even had cute Bubble inspired hairdos. The down to earth fashion royal chatted with people in store including me- and even asked how my baby blog is doing!



Mannequins styled by H&M- love this flying saucer hairdo





Model and socialite Daisly Lowe graced us with a decent DJ set- even the most reserved person couldn’t help but tap their feet and I had to hold back from breaking into proper dance moves during the old school hip hop and rnb set!


The icing on the cake were these cute bags of sweets that got me on a sugar high for the rest of the eve. Looking forward to the next blogger collaboration- these guys are truly inspiring – Fred Butler with Diesel in their Africa Village on Sunday!


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