Curiosity Never Killed the Cat





These pieces are perfect examples of the diversity of art displayed at Shoreditch’s Curious Duke Gallery at their Young Masters exhibit this evening. They really have something to suit all tastes including art novices like moi. Love the contrast of these  pieces- bold colours and swarosky crystals on glass (Danielle Hodson), more colours on what looks like the contents my brain (Richard Goold) and on a hot body (Darren McPherson) vs a simple white bird with rosary beads (Kate Knight).



Mark Powell had the beautiful idea of drawing an intricately detailed face over an ancient looking scroll. Reminds me of a project I did at school where we had to make scrolls by staining paper with tea and putting in the oven- was a lot of fun but my results were not quite exhibition worthy. Then we have Paul Dons Smiths unique take on the British stamp – I would love to see these made into real stamps.





Finally Ben Levy made some bold statements about politics and capitalism. I’ll no longer be able to go to McDonalds without one of these images in my head but I guess that’s not such a bad thing- its not really part of my new years healthy eating plan (which isn’t going to plan).

I was also massively impressed with the wide selection of art starting at very reasonable prices on the Curious Duke website; Look forward to their next exhibit!

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