The Trade Season Has Kicked off With a Bang!



















I could hardly contain my excitement today as I attended my first trade show of the year. Unlike the typical fashion ones that I’ve been to in the past, Spring Fair International literally houses all of a girls dreams plus some quirky extras all under one roof! I was slightly startled to walk in to a gigantic hall full of children’s toys, fancy dress stands and people in costume but apparently these are big business. I swiftly made my way through the bizarre part and landed in one of many heavenly zones.

The first section to get my imagination running was the interiors zone which led me to dream of living in a giant Victorian house with chandeliers and an art deco style vintage theme- one day! I moved on to an area full of striking artwork but was stunned beyond words by the pieces of Kerry Darlington, one of the UK’s bestselling artists. Plus there were even artists at at work creating masterpieces to an audience. I then spotted possibly the coolest deckchair on earth by Smart Deco, which had a print of Brighton Beach, where the talented painter is based.

When I moved onto the accessories section I was overwhelmed by the colours, textures and shininess of hundreds of brands and suppliers, and after walking for what felt like miles I watched the amazing accessories catwalk whilst resting my feet. There were far too many funky, quirky and cool brands to mention here but will be doing individual profiles of some of my faves soon.  However a few jewelry lines that I thought I’d mention since they had some of the boldest colours and funkiest styles were the African inspired pieces of Toubab Paris, the eccentric but classic work of Samuel Coraux (includes Murano  glass seen in my Venice Post), and finally the cutesy artysmarty range.

I rounded of the evening with a little magic ball show from a young Uri Geller lookalike who also made me a yummy rum cocktail that was almost as good as my nans! Can’t wait to go to the rest of the shows!

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