Beauty Buys to Beat the Blues





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So after a festive period full of parties and numerous culinary feasts January was a big sluggish come down. I even did my first detox in an attempt to feel normal again- which actually made me feel worse. So I picked up a few beauty buys as I pick me up- actually was the first time that I’d focused more on beauty products than clothing in January and I think I should do it more!

I’ve suffered with dry flaky scalp forever and have tried a million products. A few years ago I decided to use products with more natural ingredients for my skin and hair so hate using medicated shampoo.  Salcura promised to sort out my dry itchy scalp with natural ingredients and has a similar price to the medicated shampoos. Have only used it twice and my scalp is still a bit dry but not as itchy as before – but as a natural product junkie have already spotted another shampoo I wanna try- there’s a reason I’m not a hair blogger.

In January I also noticed my hands were the driest they’d ever been- mainly because I’d been meaning to buy a handcream for a while but kept forgetting. So when I finally had it in mind  in my local Wholefoods I wanted to get something extra nourishing to make up for the neglect. This travel sized Giovanni Lavender and Vanilla body cream was perfect; smells lush, fits easily in my handbag, transformed rough man hands back in to the ladylike things they were before- and was only a couple quid!

After realising how much I love the smell of Lavender- its used in aromatherapy for relaxation- I thought I’d try Bentleys Organic Lavendar bar soap. Its really frothy and isn’t as drying as standard bar soaps which don’t contain essential oils- and is not too calming to not wake me up in the morning although I’m generally half asleep till I have a cuppa (tea) no matter what I use. Plus was also just a couple quid.

Then I thought I’d get a little treat in a natural store by Highbury corner and support the British economy! The laughing bird honey and Shea butter sugar scrub is made in Wales and one of the most effective products I’ve used for dry January skin.

Finally after being introduced to mineral cosmetics brand Bellapierre at the Good Results press day, I’ve been eager to try more of their products. Couldn’t resist getting a shimmery khaki pigment from their counter in Selfridges- I already had the bronze. I’m sure I’m behind in the beauty world but was totally unaware that I could add water and make it into liquid liner / eyeshadow as well as using as a powder! In the off chance that your reading this- sorry to the lady that had to put a million different colours and glitters on me before I decided- my bad!

So if all goes to plan my new years skin care plan will lead to me having skin as silky smooth and hair  as baby soft as Ms Janelle Monae. If not I’ll comfort myself with the words of the lovely lady herself;

“I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.” 

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