2012 at its Best (now I can move on)

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So I’m still in the mode of reflecting on the past year- as it was literally the craziest year of my life- in a good and bad way. Since I’m starting this new year with a burst of positivity I thought I’d share the two highlights of 2012.

I kicked off the Olympics season with a bang and attended the Schön! Magazine pre- Olympics party co- hosted by the German Embassy. Was a little weirded out by having to bring my passport and going through a mini version of airport security but was well worth the weirdness as this was arguably one of the best parties of the year! Stepped though the final doors to be guided through a swanky interior then entered an even more swanky lift with kitsch lift attendant in tow. Arrived on the deck to see a mad mix of people from corporates (in suits) to the drag queen on the dj decks. Spent the night eating German pretzels, sausage and drinking beer and my best bit was dancing with the giant puppet- a great companion for any girl!

Before the euphoria died off I managed to get myself a ticket to the Olympics despite being extremely last minute. Any one who went knows just how amazing the feel good vibes in the Olympic park were. I supported team GB at the mens hockey where they lost gracefully but put up a good fight. Sadly I didn’t spot the mens athletics team so hopefully ill meet them in Brazil!

2012 – was truly a year like no other. Cant wait to see what 2013 will bring!

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