Bargain Heaven at Ms Bubble’s Bloggers Sale





I developed a new deeper level of respect for Susie Lau of after she organised this exciting bloggers yard sale. My eagerness even led me to be the first (well second but my friend held first position for both of us) in the queue. I instantly spotted a host of designer names, from Givenchy to Katranzou at the stands of a collection of uber stylish bloggers. However in true bargainista style I opted for the bargain bins with tonnes of clothes for as little as £1!! After a grabbing few basic work pieces and a edgy PLOTZ Tee ,,  I spotted  the love of my life- well it was in 2012- an oasis cropped black leather jacket with vintage style blue panels. It fit like a glove and after I purchased it from Ms Bubble herself i felt like I had owned it my whole life and proceeded to wear it for every day of the short lived summer. This jacket has added extra excitement to my planned holidays as I cant wait to wear it again. Eagerly anticipating the next bloggers sale and I think there should be one soon as am in need of some winter bargains!


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